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MKAI Inclusive Business Forum: Strategies for Creating Human Value in the Age of Generative AI


Dive into a provocative and inclusive forum that challenges us to rediscover and redefine human value in the face of generative AI’s rapid advancements. Join our experienced panelists as we dissect the opportunities, risks, and ethical considerations of intertwining human potential with AI technologies, striving for a more balanced and purposeful future.

In the context of “Strategies for Creating Human Value in the Age of Generative AI,” human value can be defined as the significance and worth of human experiences, skills, well-being, and potential in a world increasingly influenced by AI technologies. This encompasses:

  • Acknowledging and nurturing human skills and talents: Recognising the unique abilities and qualities that humans bring to various fields, such as creativity, empathy, intuition, and complex problem-solving, and emphasising their importance alongside AI systems.
  • Ensuring human well-being: Prioritising the physical, emotional, and psychological health of individuals as AI continues to advance and impact different aspects of society.
  • Enhancing human experiences: Using AI to augment human experiences in areas such as art, culture, communication, and learning, enriching our lives and fostering deeper connections with others.
  • Promoting human autonomy and agency: Ensuring that people maintain control over their lives and decisions, even as AI systems become more sophisticated and capable of making choices on our behalf.
  • Fostering a sense of purpose and fulfilment: Encouraging the development of AI technologies that enable people to find meaning and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives, contributing positively to society and the world at large.

Generative AI is a type of AI that uses algorithms to create new and unique content, such as images, music, or text. While this technology has the potential to transform industries and improve efficiency, it also raises questions about the role of human creativity and the value of human input in the design process.

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Forum Abstract:

In this thought-provoking and inclusive business forum, we aim to explore the meaning and significance of human value in the era of generative AI. Our knowledgeable panelists will share their expertise and perspectives on the delicate balance between human skills, well-being, autonomy, and the integration of AI technologies. Through open dialogue, shared learning, and collaboration, we seek to challenge conventional thinking and inspire innovative solutions that can positively shape society and its interaction with AI.

Forum Objectives:

  • Investigate the evolving definition of human value in the context of generative AI technologies
  • Identify opportunities and challenges in harmonising human well-being, autonomy, and AI development
  • Discuss strategies for fostering purpose and fulfilment through the responsible implementation of AI technologies
  • Encourage bold dialogue and collaboration among participants to generate groundbreaking ideas and approaches
  • Promote inclusive practices and diverse representation in AI development to ensure equitable access to benefits and opportunities

Why Attend:

Attend this forum to engage in stimulating discussions on pressing challenges and ethical considerations in the age of generative AI. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals at the forefront of AI integration across various industries, connect with like-minded individuals, and foster a network of professionals interested in shaping a more balanced and purposeful future. This event provides fresh perspectives and insights into opportunities and strategies for creating human value through AI technologies, and encourages you to contribute your ideas and voice to the collaborative efforts aimed at promoting human-centric AI development.

Forum Attendance:

MKAI Forums are designed with inclusivity in mind and we strive to be accessible to participants of all backgrounds and levels of technical knowledge. Our goal is to create a welcoming and engaging environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and grow together.

Forum Contributors:

  • Adeleh Mojtahed – Digital Growth Strategist
  • Engin Erzengin – Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft
  • Dr. Reema Diab – CEO – Founder Galaxy Organisation for Technology, AI Expert, Tesla Senior Consultant, INGO’s and World Bank
  • Johanna Afrodita Zuleta – Crosspollinator and Founder of La Zuleta
  • Pinaki Laskar – AI Researcher and Inventor
  • Jaisal Surana (Co-Moderator) – MKAI XR & AI Safety Lead
  • Gerry Copitch (Host) – MKAI Development Director
  • Paul Levy (Animateur) – Design Director at MKAI
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher (Host and Co-Moderator) – Executive Chair, MKAI

April 25 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm