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MKAI April Technical Forum on Machine Learning Methodologies

April Forum Objectives: At the MKAI technical forum in April, we will learn about the latest Machine Learning Methodologies direct from industry practitioners.

Opening Technical Presentation: Business and DS Collaboration for ML Development


  • Thom Ives Ph.D, Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector
  • Greg Coquillo, Amazon Program Manager

Thom Ives is a Data Scientist, PhD multi-physics engineer, and python loving geek living in the United States. To serve his passion to build things, Thom has continually sought, throughout his life, to grow his predictive modelling skills. He hopes to positively impact humanity with his creations, his implementations, and his teachings on the same.

Greg Coquillo is the Head of Global Expansion of Amazon’s Private Brands through Safety and Compliance, he uses technology and works with Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Business Intelligence Engineers to leverage Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to design predictive models that enhance business decision-making and performance to accelerate growth, reduce Time to Market of products, monitor cross-geo compliance and import requirements, and ensure customer safety.


Second Technical Presentation: The AI Dilemma: An Ethical Perspective on AI – Is AI a Perfect World or a Perfect Storm?

Speaker: Dr Cindy Gordon

Title: CEO and Founder at SalesChoice Inc.

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, an AI SaaS Company specializing in Ending Revenue Uncertainty. She will share in her presentation, her global research highlights over three years which examined the positive and negative risks of AI across diverse industries in her 14th Book Publication, The AI Dilemma.  In particular, she will also share a client case study of a $1B+ company and how they are deploying successfully their AI Enterprise Programs with a strong focus on AI Governance. She will also discuss the digital literacy imperative for advancing board directors and C Suite knowledge of AI terms and mathematical concepts to increase the operational success of Enterprise AI Deployments in achieving the last mile. You can follow Dr. Cindy Gordon on her Forbes AI Thought Leadership Channel.



Panel Discussion on Machine Learning Methodologies

– Ghaith Sankari, DeepLearning Practitioner
– Manpreet Budhraja, Founder at A.I.M Learning
– Ammar Mohanna, Professional PhD candidate at Knowhedge


– Thom Ives
– Greg Coquillo
– Dr Cindy Gordon


Hosted by Richard Foster-Fletcher
Moderated by Jaisal Surana
Made possible by Aiimi, Data Reply UK, AI Hut and MK Council


April 15 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm