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Metaverse Citizens Forum: March 2022 | Hosted by XRSI and MKAI

We invite you to participate in a town hall-style event called the “Metaverse Citizens Forum”.

Metaverse Citizens Forums are a series of gatherings co-hosted by XRSI and MKAI to help Metaverse citizens safely navigate the next iteration of the Internet by focusing on education and awareness, privacy and safety, risks and opportunities. We hope that you will join us, on March 31st, 2022, at 9 am Pacific Time (12 pm Eastern, 5 pm BST, 9.30 pm India).

About the organisations:

XRSI is a global non-profit organization with a mission to help build a safe and inclusive Metaverse. MKAI is a group of ethical artificial intelligence (AI) professionals fostering an inclusive community to integrate sustainable human values into AI. XRSI and MKAI have come together to address the emerging challenges of our times due to the convergence of AI, Extended Reality (XR), Web 3.0, blockchain, and many other technologies resulting in the evolution of the Metaverse.

What will happen:

In these town hall-style discussions, the speakers and participating Metaverse Citizens discuss real-life challenges and try to find solutions to these by sharing their experiences and views about Human Rights, Digital Rights, Metaverse and everything related. For reference, kindly review the recording from the very first Virtual Citizens Forum in 2021: youtu.be/9rD0wNpwR-M

For the upcoming event, our online gathering will focus on how the Metaverse may reshape our society. Asking such questions as; What is the Metaverse, who will have access to it and what are the technological convergences to take into account? What does it mean for our economy, and how might it be regulated? Who will regulate the Metaverse?

March 31 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm