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Lunch & Learn: Metaverse versus Web 3.0

MKAI’s ‘Lunch and Learns’ are fun and engaging sessions focused on creating an encouraging environment for an open discussion.

About this event

MKAI’s ‘Lunch and Learns’ are fun and engaging sessions focused on creating an encouraging environment for an open discussion. In this way, everyone can learn something new about the topic itself and then ask questions or discuss ideas together.

The interactive session examines current and future technologies that will affect how we work and live; we encourage you to bring your lunch. We will eat and learn together!

Benefits of MKAI Lunch and Learns:

• Discovery: Doing something new is a great way to discover unique aspects and perspectives around a specific topic, as well as an opportunity for others to learn new things too

• Network and meet new and interesting people: Learn in groups – we encourage open discussion and brainstorming. Everyone’s views and insights are crucial and valuable

• Share knowledge and experience. Everybody can learn in a relaxed and informal way. This encourages knowledge sharing and a deeper level of collaboration from all attendees

About this Lunch and Learn:

The technologies:

The Metaverse is like the internet, but better. It is a virtual world with its own rules and regulations that can be accessed through an avatar. The Metaverse is a 3D space where people can interact with each other through avatars, which are essentially digital representations of themselves. This concept has been around for over 30 years but has only recently become accessible due to the rapid advancement of technology like smartphones, smart glasses, and augmented reality headsets.

When it comes to Web3, it is the next iteration of the internet. It is an ecosystem of decentralised applications (Dapps), protocols and services that make up a platform for decentralised technologies like blockchain. That means it doesn’t rely on a server or company to operate its infrastructure.

The takeaway:

Like many brands in the early 2000s thought they would never need a social media presence, now businesses need to start setting up metaverse teams that will help them enter the era of Web 3.0.

This L&L session will cover various versions of the Metaverse while explaining at a high-level the most important aspects of Web3. The session will also provide both current and future business and ethical cases.

After the panel, we’ll have an open discussion and search for answers to the following questions:

1) What is the Metaverse?

2) Are there other Virtual Worlds, and if so, what are they?

3) What is Web3, and how is it the new internet?

4) How will Web3 or the Metaverse come to shape society and commerce?

5) With the Metaverse and Web3, what new ethical questions remain?

About the special guest:

Ean Mikale has partnered with and consulted organisations, such as IBM, Oracle, Bain & Company, McKinsey, Nvidia, and Amazon, and brings deep expertise in AI, Augmented/Virtual Realities, and Emerging Healthcare Technology. He regularly provides market evaluations for global expert networks, with clientele including Big Three Consulting firms, Fortune 100 Firms, Venture Capital Groups, and others. Ean has served as the Principal Investigator and Sponsor of Pre-clinical and Clinical Trials for cutting-edge technologies in the Life Sciences.

Additionally, Ean sits on the Board of Advisors as a share-holder of a Telehealth Company, is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Trustees, and has managed budgets as high as $1M for the development of human and machine resources for Life Science applications. Ean currently co-facilitates healthcare-related coursework at MIT and Columbia on Robotics, Digital Transformation, and Blockchain Technologies in partnership with Emeritus. He also sits on a current working group developing Blockchain standards in the U.S. for Healthcare. His company, Infinite 8 Industries, Inc., is currently building out a 30,000 square foot Industrial Park and new Headquarters for Web3 in the Metaverse.

June 17 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Online with Zoom