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Learn to code in Python : For people familiar with coding (INTERMEDIATE)

Welcome to the MKAI series of events – we are helping employees and leaders of local businesses along with students to learn the principles of Artificial intelligence (AI) that can be applied to innovation, design, development and processes. We hope that you will develop a greater understanding of the power and potential of AI and other technologies including Mixed Realities, Blockchain, Metaverse, Robotics, Visualisation and Drones.

This event is delivered by MKAI and AI Beehive and is made possible by SkillsHub:MK.

Does programming sound intimidating to you? What if we tell you that Python coding is easy, fun and simple?

Python is a free and open-source language that is widely used by companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and more. Even NASA uses Python and if you are an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, you will surely fall in love with Python.

MKAI warmly welcomes Rupa Singh, Founder at AI-Beehive, AI-Ethicist, Keynote Speaker, Writer, Thought Leader, Design Thinker, Machine learning and Deep Learning Specialist with over 14 + years of experience in IT and data analytics who will be leading the Python for Data Science/Machine Learning/Deep Learning. 

Objectives of this workshop:

  • To enable participants to understand how python for Data Science is used in every aspect of our daily lives and businesses
  • To enable the participants to learn basics of Python
  • To enable the participants to learn Python for Data Science hands-on


This event is designed for those that have coded before and would like to extend their knowledge to coding in Python. We will take things slowly and make sure everyone learns together…no one left behind!

To benefit from this workshop, we suggest that you only attend if you have some prior knowledge and experience of coding, it is not designed for absolute beginners. 

January 27 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Online with Zoom