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MKAI June Technical Forum on Machine Learning and AI

June Forum Objectives: At the MKAI technical forum in June, we will learn about the latest Machine Learning Methodologies direct from industry practitioners.

Opening Technical Presentation: “Softskills makes machine learning more human”

Speakers: Giovanna Reggina Galleno Malaga and Ghaith Sankari

Giovanna Reggina Galleno Malaga is a Soft Skills Trainer diving into the Data Science universe. She graduated in International Business Administration, and Science & Technology from San Ignacio de Loyola University, Lima-Peru. She has been part of the team of facilitators that trained more than 100k Peruvian women entrepreneurs in the Program “Women in Business” sponsored by The Inter-American Development Bank and The Australian Government. On the other hand, she has been part of Google European Developer Relations where she worked as Community Manager/Builder of Google Developer Groups of Italy and Malta.
Currently, she is co-organizer of the Machine Learning Milan community, host of The Soft Skills Show on Youtube, and she is switching her career into Data Science

Ghaith Sankari has an AI bachelor’s degree from the University of AleppoCo and he is the founder of AI-HUT (Dubai, UAE). He is also a mentor in AI4Medicine Specialization, deaplearning.ai and a data scientist, Executive data science, Coursera (offered by Johns Hopkins University). He has 10 years of experience in health informatics and 13 years of software development.



Second Technical Presentation: “Important Skillset needed for Academic and Industrial Perspectives”

Speakers: Ammar Mohanna and Manpreet Budhraja

Ammar Mohanna is an Adjunct Professor for TensorFlow Certification Training at ThePythonAcademy and a Professional Ph.D. candidate at Knowledge SRL, located in Genoa – Italy. He is passionately working in the field of embedded artificial intelligence for maritime applications in cooperation with the Liguria region and the University of Genoa.

Manpreet Budhraja Manpreet is creative by nature, enthusiastic to help and build community, mentors students & professionals, and is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Practitioner. You can find her sharing views and learnings through blogs, videos, and podcasts. She is a data engineer and Founder of the A.I.M. Community.




Panel Discussion on Machine Learning Methodologies


  • Jaya Vijayen, MA, BBA
  • Jaunius Urbonas

Hosted by Richard Foster-Fletcher
Panel Host : Nyrika B R
Moderated by Jaisal Surana
Made possible by Aiimi, Data Reply UK, AI Hut and MK Council


June 10 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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