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Drones & AI: Business use cases & Artificial Intelligence solutions – Part 2

This immersive 2-part workshop will explore several plug-and-fly use cases for budget-friendly turn-key Drones when combined with off-the-shelve Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Neither piloting nor coding skills are required in order to participate, just an open & inquisitive mind, a (business) interest in the field and wanting to learn whilst having fun – you won’t just meet the trainers, you’ll also meet a selection of friendly drones.

The course comes in two parts, entirely online and will be offered in a fully virtual format. You can either attend one or both parts – and if you miss one, not a problem as they will be recorded and made available afterwards.
Both trainers are aiming to making it as immersive and innovative as possible, meaning this course is a combination of live-teaching mixed with pre-recorded flying segments – so hang on to your seats.

Most unusually, workshop segments are offered in different alternate formats incl. in-app screen-recordings, immersive 360-videos, and behind-the-scenes footage – giving participants the chance to observe from different viewing angles and perspectives (trainer vs. drone).

Although the course is NOT aimed to teach operating drones safely, it will briefly touch upon environmental & regulatory factors incl. current UK CAA drone requirements and explain the focus on budget-friendly (prosumer) and lightweight drones within this context.

Sessions will include:

  • A practical overview of both drone hardware (Ryze Tello, DJI Mini and Mini 2) and software to fly them (TelloFPV, Litchi, DroneLink) as well as post-flight Ai analysis and editing software (LuminarAi, WebODM and others)
  • Practical flight demonstrations incl. simple person-/object-tracking with Ai, Way-point mapping missions and Aerial videography/photography (incl. 360-degree videos)
  • Exploration and discussion of business-oriented drone applications incl. Infrastructure inspection, Surveying & Geospatial mapping, Swarm intelligence, Drone delivery and others
  • The sessions are complemented by real-life case studies and flying several field missions including videography for marketing & conveyancing, Tracking algorithms, Geospatial mapping for building/infrastructure inspection & Nature conservation projects incl. common plant growth pattern recognition and suitable algorithms used to determine spread of invasive species


Paul Levy
Markus Krebsz

March 8 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm