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The Role of Entertainment in the Climate Crisis – Part 1: The Role of Movie and Television Creators

Forum Objective:

At this month’s Inclusive MKAI Forum, we will explore the role of the film industry, film and television creators in mitigating climate change. We will discuss three questions specifically: 

  1. What part do mainstream movies play in the fight against climate change?
  2. Do filmmakers have the responsibility to foster more sustainable behaviours in film plots, characters and narratives?
  3. How can films about climate change make their ‘call to action’ more effective?

Our objective is to understand how movies can raise public awareness and change people’s behaviour to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainability and eliminate waste? Furthermore, we wish to understand how films can shift collective behaviour towards greener habits and practices. 

Forum Abstract:

The film industry has a significant role in promoting global climate action by raising awareness of the need to tackle global problems, including the climate crisis, as films are inextricably intertwined with culture. They mirror it to some extent, but more often, they shape societies by pushing social boundaries and commonly accepted beliefs and habits. The climate emergency we are facing today makes it more critical than ever that filmmakers are aware of their films’ impact on behaviours.

For example – the 2004 movie, The Day After Tomorrow, used the idea of how the change in ocean currents could usher in a new ice age. Although not accurate in scientific predictions, it triggered the debate and discussion in the public arena about the dangers of climate change.

Films can make audiences feel more empowered and motivated to make lifestyle changes to fight climate change. By weaving sustainability into the narratives of the stories, movies can help promote knowledge about the causes of global warming and understanding of how to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Forum Outcomes:

Our intended outcome is to give attendees an understanding of how the film industry can contribute to raising climate change awareness, mitigating the adverse environmental impact, and promoting behavioural change.

Forum Attendance:

MKAI events are inclusive. Our expert speakers are carefully selected for their ability to make the subject approachable and understandable. MKAI aims to help all people improve their AI-fluency and understanding of this domain. This forum is especially relevant for policymakers, Governmental leaders and corporate decision-makers.

Forum Speakers and Contributors:

  • Dr. Odilia Coi, Director of Innovation at MKAI
  • Michael P. Nash, Film Director, Screenwriter and Producer
  • Laura Cox, Executive Producer
  • Hans Dayal, Production Manager at The Walt Disney Company
  • Siddharth Nakai, Sustainability Consultant for Film, Media and Entertainment Industry
  • Sandra de Castro Buffington, Social Impact Entertainment Executive and Producer
  • Costanza Burstin, Visual Anthropologist
  • Dr. Koko Warner, Manager, Vulnerability subdivision, Adaptation division at UNFCCC

June 30 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Online with Zoom