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Charting the Future: AI Governance and Policy

A Crucial Conversation Between Lord Tim Clement-Jones and Richard Foster-Fletcher

AI increasingly permeates many facets of life, intensifying the importance of AI governance and policy discussions. On May 10th at 14:00 BST, a crucial dialogue will unfold between MKAI Chair Richard Foster-Fletcher and Lord Tim Clement-Jones, delving into the intricacies of coexisting with AI. This discussion will challenge us to ponder if we can harness AI as a beneficial tool or if it might ultimately assert control, reshaping our societal and professional landscapes.

A Conversation That Matters

Lord Tim Clement-Jones, a forefront figure in the field of AI ethics and policy, will collaborate with Richard Foster-Fletcher, a leading voice on AI’s societal impact, in an online discussion addressing these critical issues. Their conversation, centred on Lord Clement-Jones’s latest publication, “Living with the Algorithm: Servant or Master? AI Governance and Policy for the Future,” aims to navigate the complex future of AI.

AI: A Double-Edged Sword

The swift advancement of AI technologies presents a wealth of opportunities — streamlining operations, advancing climate solutions, and unlocking new realms of research. Yet, it also poses significant risks, potential biases, and ethical dilemmas. As the capabilities of AI expand, so too does the urgency to ensure it serves as a force for good, supported by strong governance and proactive policies.

Living with the Algorithm: A Beacon in Uncharted Waters

Published in March 2024, Lord Clement-Jones’s book stands as a vital examination of AI’s societal implications. Leveraging his extensive experience as the former Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, the book scrutinises the potential for AI-induced redundancies, biases, and existential threats. Crucially, it proposes a roadmap to address these challenges, advocating for a measured approach to AI regulation and governance that avoids both complacency and excess.

Why This Conversation Is Imperative

At this juncture in the technological evolution, the dialogue between Lord Clement-Jones and Richard Foster-Fletcher is essential. It serves as a call to action for policymakers, technologists, academics, and the wider public to engage in a thoughtful discussion about AI’s role in our future.

This conversation offers a chance to consider how we might utilise AI’s potential while addressing its risks. It’s about envisaging a future where AI enriches our lives without undermining our values or autonomy.

Join Us

We invite you to participate in this crucial conversation. Whether you are a policymaker evaluating regulatory frameworks, a technologist at the cutting edge of AI development, an academic exploring the ethical considerations of machine learning, or simply someone fascinated by the future of AI, this event is set to provide valuable insights and discussions.

Happening on 10th May 2024  at 2:00 PM BST, let us all contribute to shaping the future of AI—a future where technology benefits humanity, steered by insight and prudence.

The journey of AI is a collective endeavour, filled with challenges but also brimming with potential. Through engaging in informed discussions, striving for balanced regulatory frameworks, and promoting international collaboration, we can address the uncertainties of AI’s future. Join us as we discuss how to coexist with the algorithm, ensuring it remains our servant, not our master.

May 10 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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