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Artificial Intelligence and XR: Concerns around safety, privacy

‘Extended Reality (XR) is a fusion of all the realities – including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) – which consists of technology-mediated experiences enabled via a wide spectrum of hardware and software, including sensory interfaces, applications, and infrastructures. XR is often referred to as immersive video content, enhanced media experiences, as well as interactive and multi-dimensional human experiences.

Metaverse is no more a hype but a reality, thus the need to promote safety, security, privacy, and ethics in the XR domain.

XR safety week is being held between 1st December to 10th December 2021, MKAI would like to extend its support by hosting a community Zoom call to help explore the challenges of Extended Realities and immersive technologies, including the risks around data privacy which comes along the future technology.

It will be an excellent place for discovery, community involvement and to celebrate the opportunities that lie ahead to create a better and safer Metaverse for all by spreading awareness and understanding the core risks like bias, transparency, data privacy, data ownership.

Come join us and share your views on our virtual Zoom even on 10th December 4:30 pm GMT as each of us play a big part by connecting, collaborating, and sharing their knowledge with the global community.

Forum Attendance:

MKAI events are inclusive. Our expert speakers are carefully selected for their ability to make the subject approachable and understandable. MKAI aims to help all people improve their AI-fluency and understanding of this domain. This forum is especially relevant for policymakers, Governmental leaders and corporate decision-makers.

Forum Speakers and Contributors:

  • Marco Magnano, Director Of Communications at XR Safety Initiative
  • Dr. Monika Manolova, ML Engineer at Omdena
  • Kristian Mackie, Innovation Hub Manager at MK:U
  • Jaisal Surana, XR Safety Leader at MKAI
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher, Chair at MKAI

December 10 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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