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AI Readiness – Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation – Part 1

(Note: This event is Part 1 of the workshops with Ali Chaudhry. Please also book for Part 2 here.)

AI Readiness – Are you ready for an AI-driven 21st Century?

Why attend:

AI is hugely impacting the way we learn, stay healthy, cure diseases, spend money, maintain order in our societies and take organizational decisions. In this course, Ali will present a high-level overview of what Artificial Intelligence is, what its real-world applications are, how it is disrupting different sectors around us and what are the components required to build successful AI products.

Who is this for:

You have a broad idea of what AI is and an interest and want to know more about it. You might be a business executive with an idea for an AI project or you are curious as to what could be available or possible to generate more value for your customers. Likewise, Students will be very welcome to learn and engage with this content to shape your career and study plans.

What will be covered:

Through real examples and case studies, Ali will invite you to discuss how AI is transforming business including its benefits and risks. The workshop is divided into two sessions (parts) and the first workshop (Part 1) will focus on interactive high-level discussions about:

  • What is AI
  • What are AI’s applications
  • How is AI built
  • How is/can AI impacting you or your organization
  • What components are needed for AI to work in business
  • How AI can be applied to different industries and use cases
  • Current applications of AI

‘Take Aways and benefits of attending’:

In the second workshop, Ali will go through a case study on how AI has disrupted the recruitment sector and what are the components required to build an AI powered recruitment tool. This will be followed by an AI readiness exercise in which you will have an opportunity to apply your idea for an AI product on an AI readiness canvas and explore the different components required to build your AI tool. You will come away with your own AI readiness canvass completed.

The second workshop (Part 2) will work with to answer the questions:

  • How can you apply the different components of building an AI product to your context
  • How ready are you for an AI driven world?
  • How ready is your organization for an AI driven world?

Component required to build an AI powered product:

  • Business problem
  • Data
  • AI practitioners
  • Stakeholders
  • Risks

What does it cost to attend these workshops:

The workshop are free to you as they are pre-funded by the UK Government and are an excellent opportunity to discover, learn, and network with students, SMEs, and business executives.



Course Leader: Muhammad ‘Ali’ Chaudhry

Ali is a doctoral researcher in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at UCL Institute of Education (IOE). His research focuses on the Transparency of machine learning development pipelines for AI-powered products in different real-world contexts.

He specialises in auditing and evaluating different stage AI development processes, including data collection and engineering, machine learning modelling and testing and AI deployment and iterative improvement stages.

He has also worked as an AI consultant, helping various companies develop, prototype and deploy AI tools in different sectors, including financial services, education, healthcare and agri-tech.

February 10 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm