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AI at the Helm: The Future of Sustainable Decision-Making in the Corporate World – MKAI Inclusive Business Forum


As the world faces an increasingly urgent climate emergency, it’s clear that we need bold and innovative solutions. But traditional corporate decision-making has often prioritised short-term profits over long-term sustainability, perpetuating harmful practices that are damaging our planet. It’s time to explore a new approach, perhaps one that incorporates AI directly into corporate decision-making to promote sustainability and protect the environment.

Join us for an exciting and thought-provoking forum where we’ll explore the potential of AI to revolutionise corporate decision-making in the fight against the climate emergency. Our expert speakers will delve into the ground-breaking idea of incorporating AI with decision-making power, which could compel businesses to prioritise sustainability and protect our planet.

We’ll examine the potential impact of AI voting power and decision-making abilities, including how it can be used to block harmful decisions and promote sustainable practices in business operations. Our speakers will share their insights and experiences in using AI to make informed decisions that benefit our planet.

Forum Objectives:

  1. To challenge traditional corporate decision-making by exploring the possibility of AI having a say in key environmental decisions, with a focus on promoting sustainable practices and protecting our planet for future generations.
  2. To spark a critical conversation on the intersection of AI and the environment, exploring how the technology can be harnessed to address the pressing environmental concerns that are critical to our future, and create a new paradigm for sustainable decision-making.
  3. To bring together leading minds from corporate decision-making, technology, and environmental activism, to build a movement towards a more sustainable future, and encourage a collective understanding of the urgent need for bold and innovative solutions to tackle the climate emergency.

Forum Key Questions:

  1. Can AI really have a say in corporate decision-making, or is it just hype?
  2. How can we ensure that AI is not biased towards certain environmental solutions or outcomes?
  3. What are the potential benefits and challenges of using AI to promote sustainable practices and protect the environment?
  4. How can AI be harnessed to monitor and assess the environmental impact of business operations, and what insights can it provide for decision-making?
  5. What are the implications of allowing AI to have voting power and final decision-making abilities, and how can we ensure that ethical and social considerations are taken into account?

Why Attend the Forum:

Attending this forum will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain insights and knowledge on the intersection of AI and the environment, specifically in the context of corporate decision-making. They will learn from expert speakers who have hands-on experience in using AI for informed decision-making that promotes sustainable practices and protects the environment. Attendees will also have the chance to engage in thought-provoking discussions and network with like-minded individuals who share their passion for addressing the climate emergency. By attending this forum, attendees will gain valuable knowledge and be part of a movement towards a more sustainable future.

Who Should Attend:

The forum is open to anyone interested in exploring the intersection of AI and the environment, including:

  • Corporate decision-makers and business leaders who are interested in incorporating AI into their decision-making processes and are committed to promoting sustainable practices and protecting the environment.
  • Climate activists and environmental advocates who want to explore innovative solutions to address the climate emergency.
  • Technology enthusiasts and researchers who are interested in the latest developments in AI and its potential impact on the environment.
  • Students and educators who want to learn more about the role of AI in promoting sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Government officials and policymakers who are interested in exploring policy frameworks and regulations that can promote the responsible use of AI in decision-making processes.

This forum is open to anyone who is passionate about the environment and the role that AI can play in promoting sustainability and addressing the climate emergency.


Join us for a thought-provoking forum on the role of AI in corporate decision-making and its potential impact on the environment. Our expert speakers will share their insights and experiences in using AI to promote sustainable practices and protect the planet. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a movement towards a more sustainable future. Register now to secure your spot at this ground-breaking forum.

Forum Contributors:

  • Thierry Watrin, Green Economy Advisor at Ministry of Financing and Economic Planning, Rwanda
  • Hanne Nuutinen, Executive Director at K-Pentag LLC
  • Vincent McNeeley, Senior Technical Program Manager at VMWare
  • Jax Harrison, Founder and Director at Innovation4Good
  • Paul Levy (Animateur), Design Advisor at MKAI.Org
  • Jaisal Surana (Co-Moderator) – MKAI XR & AI Safety Lead
  • Gerry Copitch (Host) – MKAI Development Director
  • Richard Foster-Fletcher (Host and Co-Moderator) – Executive Chair, MKAI

May 23 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm