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AI and the Future of Education: Lighting the Fire of Lifelong Learning

Join us for a live and interactive conversation with Sir Anthony Seldon, a distinguished British educator and contemporary historian. Our focus is: “AI and the Future of Education: Lighting the Fire of Lifelong Learning”

Sir Anthony Seldon has held prestigious roles such as headmaster of Wellington College and Epsom College and served as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. Known for his innovative contributions to education, including the introduction of happiness and well-being classes, Sir Anthony’s vision and leadership have been transformative. His commitment to holistic and personalised learning approaches is reshaping the educational landscape.


  • HOST: Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair, MKAI.org
  • CO-HOST: Kurt Hintz, Managing Director, Fortis Education Consulting
  • MODERATOR: Jaisal Surana, Head of Advocacy at MKAI.org
  • SPECIAL GUEST: Sir Anthony Seldon, Headmaster of Epsom College


Holistic and Personalised Education:

  • Sir Anthony’s introduction of happiness and well-being classes at Wellington College.
  • Transitioning from traditional schools to personalised education and implementing these changes in various settings.
  • Examples of innovative teaching methods from around the world.

AI and the Evolution of Teaching and Learning:

  • The potential of AI to make education more personalised and effective.
  • Challenges and opportunities in integrating AI into education.
  • How AI assists in formative assessment and adaptive learning.

Leadership, Resilience, and Handling Crisis:

  • Insights from Sir Anthony’s experiences as a headmaster and vice-chancellor.
  • The role of leadership in educational reform and innovation.
  • Teaching resilience and mental health in schools through Sir Anthony’s personal experiences with adversity.

Defining and Valuing Education:

  • Balancing academic achievement with emotional and social intelligence development.
  • The role of schools in nurturing a broad range of intelligences.
  • Evaluating the return on investment in private and university education and the cost-benefit ratio of different educational paths.

The Future of Education and AI Integration:

  • Preparing students for a rapidly changing educational and professional landscape.
  • The role of technology and AI in shaping the future of education.
  • Bridging the gap between different educational paths through AI.

Throughout the discussion, we will also explore MKAI’s approach to AI ethics. At MKAI, we are committed to promoting ethical AI practices that prioritise inclusivity, accountability, and diverse perspectives. Our mission is to ensure that stakeholders are held accountable and that AI benefits all members of society.

Call to Action:

We invite you to join us for this important and refreshing discussion and be part of the conversation on the future of education. Your participation is crucial in driving meaningful change and ensuring that education meets the needs of every student. This live session will be interactive, allowing you to ask your questions via our moderators. Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights and updates.

📅 This episode promises to offer deep insights and valuable perspectives for educators, leaders, and anyone interested in the future of education. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the leading voices in educational reform and innovation.

Special Guest’s Biography:

Sir Anthony Francis Seldon FRSA FRHistS FKC (born 2 August 1953) is a prominent British educator, contemporary historian, and author. Currently the Head Master of Epsom College, Sir Anthony has previously served as the 13th Master of Wellington College and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham (2015-2020).

A prolific author, he has written or edited over 45 books, including political biographies of every British Prime Minister from John Major to Boris Johnson. His works are known for their insightful analysis and detailed research, significantly contributing to contemporary historical literature.

In education, Sir Anthony is widely recognised for his innovative approaches, including the introduction of happiness and well-being classes at Wellington College. His leadership in promoting the International Baccalaureate and personalised learning has modernised educational practices in the UK and beyond.

Co-founder of the Centre for Contemporary British History and the charity Action for Happiness, Sir Anthony is also a governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company and serves on the boards of several other charities and educational bodies. Knighted in 2014 for services to education and modern political history, he continues to be a leading voice in educational reform and historical scholarship, focusing on integrating AI into education to enhance personalised learning and resilience in students.

We welcome you to this important conversation, knowing that together, we can create a brighter future for education and society.

June 17 @ 12:15 am - 1:15 pm


AI and the Future of Education: Lighting the Fire of Lifelong Learning

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