Escape Simulator VR Meets PowerWash Sim In Upcoming DLC

Escape Simulator VR meets PowerWash Simulator in a new DLC crossover, arriving next week on Steam.

Announced earlier this week, Escape Simulator VR is turning the PowerWash Simulator VR garage into a “mind-bending” escape room. Armed with familiar power washing tools, you’re tasked with cleaning away this room to uncover clues, letting you play alone or with up to seven other players in online co-op. This also includes a new rock soundtrack and new 3D props for building your own garage.


We enjoyed Pine Studio’s update in our Escape Simulator VR impressions back in April, calling it a great example of how VR can enhance existing flatscreen games.

Escape Simulator feels like a natural fit for VR. A straightforward control scheme delivers pleasing interactivity when you grab objects with the triggers… What I’ve seen has left me considerably impressed and if you’re after a new PC VR game with friends, Pine Studio’s puzzler is worth a look.

Escape Simulator: PowerWash DLC arrives on June 20 on Steam.

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