Escape Simulator VR Arrives Next Week As A Free Update To The Flat Game

Escape Simulator VR arrives next week as a free update for the flatscreen edition on Steam.

Originally released in October 2021, Escape Simulator sees you exploring “highly interactive” escape rooms, playable solo or with up to 8 players in online co-op. While Pine Studio initially planned to release Escape Simulator VR separately from the original game, it’s now arriving as a free update for existing owners.

“We believe this approach is not only more fair to our players but also addresses technical challenges, making maintenance more manageable for our small team,” confirmed the team in a Steam announcement.

As such, this means Escape Simulator VR players can access the base game, all the existing DLC and custom-built community rooms straight away. In the same announcement, Pine Studio revealed plans for “at least one more DLC, alongside 2 more free DLCs.” There’s also a new ‘Supporter Pack‘ which contains a digital art book and Escape Simulator’s first playable prototype.

Escape Simulator VR reaches Steam on April 2, while the flatscreen version and free VR demo are available already. A price increase from $14.99 to $19.99 is planned on April 14.