Ep 14. Shaping the Future: Shelagh Legrave on Innovating Further Education in the AI Era

Series: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership and the Future of Further EducationHosts:
Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair, MKAI.orgKurt Hintz, Managing Director, Fortis Education ConsultingGuests:
Shelagh Legrave CBE DL, Further Education Commissioner, UK GovernmentEpisode 14: Shaping the Future: Shelagh Legrave on Innovating Further Education in the AI Era

Episode Overview: In “Shaping the Future: Shelagh Legrave on Innovating Further Education in the AI Era,” we explore the transformative impact of AI on further education. Joined by Shelagh Legrave, the Further Education Commissioner, we delve into how AI technologies are reshaping educational practices across the UK. This episode covers the practical applications of AI in education, the challenges of AI adoption, and its role in administrative efficiency.

Guest Bio: Shelagh Legrave CBE DL: An experienced Chief Executive and board member with a background in further and higher education, as well as financial services. Currently serving as the Further Education Commissioner under the Department for Education, Shelagh is a qualified accountant passionate about using her expertise to support community initiatives, including a decade-long chairmanship of a homeless charity. She is also actively involved in the arts, education, and grant-giving charities, with a strong focus on sport and well-being.

Key Topics of Discussion:
AI’s Practical Applications in Education: Exploring innovative tools like virtual welding and AI’s impact on teaching practical skills.Overcoming Barriers to AI Adoption: Discussing the investment needs and common fears surrounding AI in education.AI’s Role in Administrative Efficiency: How AI can streamline tasks to save time for educational leaders.Leadership and Vision in AI Adoption: Shelagh’s approach to integrating AI within the educational sector, focusing on ethical considerations.Ethical Implications of AI and Student Well-being: Ensuring AI supports rather than replaces human judgment in education.Key ‘Takeaway’ Ideas:
The importance of balancing AI integration with human oversight to enhance educational outcomes.The need for strategic leadership in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education.How AI can be a tool for equality, providing essential support and levelling the educational playing field.

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