Ep. 13 Navigating the New Frontiers: AI’s Role in Further Education with Jisc

Series: Artificial Intelligence, Leadership and the Future of Further Education


Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair, MKAI.orgKurt Hintz, Managing Director, Fortis Education ConsultingMichael Webb, Director of Technology and Analytics at JiscPaul McKean, Director of Further Education and Skills and Training at JiscEpisode 13: Navigating the New Frontiers: AI’s Role in Further Education with Jisc

Episode Overview:

In “Navigating the New Frontiers: AI’s Role in Further Education with Jisc,” we venture into the transformative realm of AI in education. This episode, featuring insights from Jisc’s Paul McKean and Michael Webb, delves into the delicate equilibrium between AI and human intervention, the democratisation of learning through personalised AI tools, and the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. We explore how AI is reshaping educational landscapes, enhancing communication and social skills, and redefining academic integrity. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on AI’s burgeoning impact in further education.

Key Topics of Discussion:

In the latest episode of “Navigating the New Frontiers: AI’s Role in Further Education with Jisc,” we delve into pivotal discussions surrounding AI’s integration into education. Our conversation pivots around several key areas:
The Balancing Act: We examine the crucial balance between AI’s capabilities and the invaluable human touch in education. The dialogue opens up on the complexities surrounding formative assessments aided by AI and the ensuing debates on grade inflation, underscoring the necessity for a thoughtful approach to integrating AI in assessments.

Accessibility Challenges: Addressing access disparities, the discussion highlights the importance of ensuring equitable access to AI tools, connectivity, and devices. The freemium models of generative AI tools potentially widen the digital divide, raising concerns about equal opportunities for all learners.

Cognitive Offloading and Assessment Evolution: The conversation explores the shift towards cognitive offloading to AI tools like calculators and how it necessitates a re-evaluation of assessment criteria. This segment contemplates the expectation for students to delve deeper into their subjects, thanks to AI’s support.

Empowering Educators and Learners: Finally, we spotlight the transformative potential of AI in democratising education. With examples like the use of visual AI to enhance language skills, the episode illustrates AI’s role in catalysing learning and levelling the educational playing field for all, including those with learning difficulties.The AI resources from Jisc are available here.

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