Downtown Club Steers Onto Quest App Lab This June In Early Access

Downtown Club, a VR racing game with full physical controls, launches in early access this June on Quest App Lab.

Developed by Commuter Games (V-SpeedwayNeodori Infinity), Downtown Club is designed for standalone VRdiffers considerably from other VR racing games like GRID Legends and Gran Turismo 7. Instead of just placing you inside the driver’s seat, Downtown Club features full motion control support that involves directly grabbing the wheel, shifter and handbrake.

Detailed on the official website, it features four game modes at launch: Events, which see you unlock content by winning competitions; Custom Races provide entirely personalized settings. Time Attack lets you compete for high scores on the online leaderboards. Finally, Free Drive allows you to explore the map at your own pace.

In early access, Commuter Games states there are three hot hatch cars with different versions and paint schemes available. You can race across a city environment with different racetrack layout combinations, driving against “fully customized opponents” with individual behaviors. Different skins for helmets, gloves, and suits are available, and it’s also compatible with the bHaptics TactSuit.

As development progresses, Downtown Club plans to introduce online multiplayer with public and private rooms. Commuter Games also promises new environments “inspired by iconic car culture locations,” additional cars like Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) vehicles, time attack ghosts, replays and more.

Downtown Club reaches Quest App Lab this June for $15.99. While they weren’t mentioned in today’s announcement, the official website lists Pico, QIYU Dream, Pimax Portal and YVR as supported headsets.