Divine Duel Brings Fantasy Fighting To Quest And PC VR This Year

Immersion Games revealed Divine Duel this week, a fast-paced competitive VR fighter coming to Quest and PC VR later this year.

Announced through the reveal trailer embedded below, Divine Duel is a significant departure from Immersion’s previous VR games, Disc Ninja, and Extreme Escape, mixing sci-fi and fantasy with “crazy weaponry.” Stepping into an arena for 1-on-1 duels, there’s four playable Celestials who boast unique special abilities, two of which are featured in this trailer: Vaya the Bioalchemist and Arvald the Solid.

Featuring “40 tools of destruction and 20 boosters,” Immersion says you’ll be able to choose between swords, bows, spells, staffs, pistols and more. These can be merged into different combinations, offering unique weapon interactions and significant customization options during matches. Furthermore, you will be able to use weapons and spells to summon magical creatures onto the battlefield as well, who will fight on your behalf.

Finally, Immersion confirmed that Divine Duel will ship with two different modes. Alongside the standard PvP Duel mode explained above, there’s also ‘Draft Mode’, which draws inspiration from card games. Here, you’ll build a loadout from a randomly selected arsenal – anything left unclaimed goes to your rival.

Divine Duel launches later this year on Meta Quest platforms and PC VR via Steam. Pricing details are yet to be revealed, though a public beta test is planned before launch, according to the developer’s official Discord server. You can sign up for the beta right now through the game’s website

Interested in picking up Divine Duel? Did you play Disc Ninja or Extreme Escape? Let us know in the comments below.