Centre for Digital Trust

MKAI: The Centre of Excellence for Digital Trust

Digital trust is the confidence users have in the capabilities and willingness of leaders to create a secure digital world. Digital trust is only given to organisations that can prove that they collect, store and process data ethically and design for the safety, privacy and security of users. 

The MKAI Centre of Digital Trust is a global Thinktank and Advisory Practice supporting organisations around the world to tackle the trust problem created by years of data capture tactics that have eroded user confidence in technology companies.

Leaders are being tasked by customers, colleagues and investors to think and act differently. To put ethics, transparency and openness at the heart of their organisations create processes that support the interests and choices of users and not exploit them.

MKAI works with national and local leaders on the following programmes:


Diverse Inputs for Risk Identification

MKAI has a community membership encompassing thousands of diverse individuals from almost every country across the world. Together MKAI trains and empowers these stakeholders to provide risk identification for AI systems and algorithms to organisations. Known as multi stakeholder feedback, diverse inputs that can identify potential harms, biases and exclusions are vital for creating safe and responsible artificial intelligence

Advisory services

MKAI provides consultancy for organisations that want to build digital and algorithmic trust with their users, stakeholders and communities that could be impacted by their AI

Research and Prototyping

MKAI's leading team of researchers and analysts can provide the data and information needed for companies to create effective strategies for trustworthy AI systems