Centre for Digital Citizenship

MKAI: Empowering Leaders to create citizen-focused cities

Following the ‘first wave’ of the smart cities movement, the focus has shifted from a tech-first to a citizen-first approach

The MKAI Centre for Digital Citizenship is a research and advisory practice focused on helping leaders to create metropolitan spaces that are not just smart and connected, but also digitally inclusive, safe, private and sustainable.

City leaders had an early exuberance for the potential of new smart city technologies, and this distracted many from the primary concern: the residents, their perspectives and their needs.

That technology-first approach has not been a successful one since cities did not work towards making themselves trusted stewards of data and technology, especially in underserved communities.

On top of this, cities lacked policy processes to support the increased use and collection of citizen data. MKAI works with national and local leaders on the following programmes:

MKAI Digital Citizens programmes:

Greentech Networks for sustainability

MKAI works with civic leaders and Greentech businesses to develop networks that empower each party to help our cities reach NetZero and grow the sustainability sector.

Citizen-First Data Collection and Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Smart cities must be inclusive, sustainable, and understandable for all. MKAI provides advisory services to help leaders create a holistic data and AI strategy that goes beyond technology and has equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of the plan.

Digital Placemaking

Creating the right environment for new technology startups to grow needs a holistic viewpoint about everything the city needs to attract and retain technology businesses and talent. MKAI works with leaders to build right and attract economic investment.

Empowering and upskilling Small Businesses with Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating artificial intelligence into a business can be difficult for small to medium businesses. Via educational institutions, clusters and membership organisations, MKAI works directly with SMBs to help them understand and implement AI and other emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and Blockchain.