D&D-Based Dungeon Full Dive Tool Will Soon Be Free For Players, $50 For Game Masters

Dungeon Full Dive, a VR tabletop RPG toolkit based on Dungeons & Dragons 5e, will soon switch its pricing model to free for players and $50 for game masters.

Released with optional PC VR support last October, Dungeon Full Dive is splitting into two separate versions following recent layoffs at developer TxK Gaming Studios.

The ‘Player Edition‘ allows you to join online multiplayer sessions for free with limited access to creating miniatures, DnD 5e characters, and maps.

With the ‘Game Master Edition,’ this lets you host sessions for other players and grants full access to the toolkit. You can create an unlimited number of characters, maps and miniatures, while all owners will receive an exclusive GM Edition dice set. Anyone who already owns Dungeon Full Dive on Steam will be automatically upgraded to the GM edition “at no additional cost.”


As part of this change, TxK Gaming Studios confirms Dungeon Full Dive – Game Master Edition will receive a significant price increase from $29.99 to $49.99 when the Player Edition releases. The studio states this new strategy will make Dungeon Full Dive “more accessible for groups to dive into” by reducing the overall entry cost.

A release date for Dungeon Full Dive – Player Edition remains unconfirmed, but the original version is available on Steam Early Access and is already named Game Master Edition. On the official website, TxK confirms a Quest version will follow “after the full release.”

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