CONVRGENCE Mixes FPS Survival With Horror On SteamVR Today

CONVRGENCE is a post-apocalyptic VR survival shooter reaching Steam Early Access today.

Created by solo developer Monkey-With-a-Bomb, CONVRGENCE is a STALKER-esque shooter with horror elements similar to Into The Radius and its upcoming sequel. Playing as a mystical artifact hunter scavenging for loot, each expedition across the Chernokamensk exclusion zone occurs in a procedurally generated location. “Be sure to return to base before duskfall, for when night arrives the hunter becomes the hunted,” states the description.

Joined by a companion dog who aids you in battle and can scavenge for supplies, CONVRGENCE lets you sell valuables and artifacts to buy new equipment. Should you die, unclaimed equipment gets lost in the exclusion zone. A wide arsenal of realistic, customizable weapons is also promised, while the online component lets you compete with others to become the ‘ultimate hunter.’

For the early access launch, Monkey-With-a-Bomb states CONVRGENCE features “over 15-plus hours of content” with procedural generation letting you continue playing. By full release, the developer plans to add “new locations, weapons, enemies, loot, quests, bosses, a hideout and vehicle leveling system, and more.” As for a full release date, the studio states that it will take “approximately 1.5 years” to implement everything.

It’s the latest effort from Monkey-With-a-Bomb after Paradox of Hope, a similar VR shooter which was delisted after being struck by a copyright infringement notice in August. Though it retains clear similarities to its predecessor, CONVRGENCE introduces numerous changes and avoids using the Moscow Metro setting.

CONVRGENCE reaches Steam Early Access today for $19.99 with a 15% launch discount. As for other platforms, the developer confirmed they plan to “eventually” bring it to Quest but states this won’t happen anytime soon.