Consortium VR Offers A Voice Navigated Murder Mystery On Steam & Quest

Consortium VR invites you to uncover a murder mystery today on Quest & Steam.

Previously available in early access, Consortium VR by Interdimensional Games remasters and adapts Consortium. Set in the near-future on a futuristic spaceship, murder mystery thriller sees you playing as a celebrity peacekeeper called Consortium Bishop Six. It involves “using your own voice to shape relationships and navigate choices” as you uncover a hidden conspiracy.

Building on 2014’s flatscreen Consortium, Interdimensional Games has remastered the original release by porting it to a modern engine. This comes with a new ending, redesigned UI, remake of the “Zenlil Defence Minigame,” integrated mod support for the FPS-focused ‘Virtual Trainer’ segments, and more. All Steam copies also include a free flatscreen mode.

For more details, here’s a full gameplay description:

You will be tasked to investigate and attempt to solve a cryptic murder, defend the crew from an outlandish attack, uncover hidden conspiracies, and navigate complex interpersonal relationships among the crew. Consortium features a highly interactive narrative, allowing you to make choices that impact the story’s direction and your relationships with other characters. With its innovative branching dialogue and alignment systems, immersive storyline, and richly detailed world, Consortium offers an engaging experience that explores the consequences of your decisions and the nature of trust and loyalty.

Consortium VR enters full release today on the Meta Quest platform and Steam.