Clawball Is 3v3 Cat Soccer Coming To Quest Headsets

Development studio ARVORE is planning a 3v3 field sport for Quest headsets with each player embodied as a cat.

Clawball is the name of the upcoming soccer game revealed in the 2024 UploadVR Showcase. Check out the trailer:


ARVORE is the Brazil-based studio behind the Pixel Ripped games as well as The Line and YUKI. With Clawball, the studio is venturing into well-worn multiplayer territory with a new twist on soccer that seems smartly tailored for a VR-specific audience. The recent launch of I Am Cat, for example, found a huge audience among players looking for a VR game that allows them to be a kitty for a little while. With Clawball directed by Ana Ribeiro, ARVORE looks ready to see if VR is ready to support full teams of cats competing in field sports.

ARVORE tells UploadVR the social element of the game is planned as a major draw, with customization and clothing cosmetics planned so players can differentiate themselves.

App Lab launch for Clawball is slated for later this year with full launch and additional platform announcements to follow in 2025.