Chrono Weaver Is A VR Co-Op Puzzler You Can Play Alone With A Quest & Steam Demo

Chrono Weaver is a new VR physics puzzler that asks if you can play a co-op game alone, and there’s a free demo on Steam and Quest.

Developed by Ivory Crow Games, Chrono Weaver is described as being similar to The Last Clockwinder, We Are One, and Transpose VR. Guided by a robot named Yoto, you begin as a test subject at a new job that’s tasked with smashing the ‘Data Disk.’ The story unfolds between puzzles in this mysterious science facility with a gameplay loop similar to Portal.

Instead of tutorials, Chrono Weaver uses a gradual difficulty curve and introduces new mechanics along the way. Alongside a slingshot, you can also rewind time to work with yourself and solve puzzles designed for co-op. While it’s not part of Steam Next Fest – which includes PC VR demos like Metal: Hellsinger VR and Astro Hunters, the playable demo features 11 levels.

Chrono Weaver’s release window is unconfirmed, but the free demo is now available on Quest App Lab and Steam.