Cheetos Unveils Digital Neighborhood In Horizon Worlds

Enter the Cheetoverse.

Cheetos has partnered with Meta to launch Chesterville, a digital suburban neighborhood, inside the Horizon Worlds metaverse. Here you can participate in a variety of Halloween-themed activities alongside friends and strangers in VR to build up your “mischief meter” and gain access to the spooky mansion located at the top of the hill.

There are a couple of different ways to cause mischief. You can grab Chester the Cheetah’s Wand and brand the neighborhood with the Cheetos logo, TP trees (or your friends) with “Cheetle-fied” Paper Towels, trap fellow players in Cheetos Mac ‘N Cheese, or snack on some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to unlock a speed boost. You can also gain access to the mansion by collecting skeleton bones scattered around the world and assembling them in the graveyard.

you’ve been asking for a way to bring your favorite Cheetos flavors back to life… I just made it spooky ​ visit Chesterville in Meta’s Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform to make a little mischief and vote on the flavor we should bring back to life #Chesterville

— Chester Cheetah (@ChesterCheetah) October 18, 2022

“As a culture-first brand committed to innovative consumer experiences, Cheetos is proud to lead Frito-Lay into the metaverse,” said Stacy Taffet, senior vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay.

“This is a significant moment for both the brand and the portfolio as we broaden the ways we engage with fans, inviting them to experience Cheetos inan entirely new way. We can’t wait to welcome consumers into Chester’s virtual domain that brings his personality and Cheetos’ brand ethos to life.”

Once you’ve maxed out your mischief meter the front gates will open and you’ll be permitted to enter the mansion where you can vote to “resurrect” one of three discontinued Cheetos flavors: Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch, Flamin’ Hot Pepper Puffs, or Nashville Hot. You’ll also receive a Halloween-themed mask you can wear around Chesterville to prove you’re a true mischief maker.

“Forward-thinking brands are beginning to build immersive experiences and we’re thrilled that Cheetos is leading the pack with their launch of Chesterville, their first-ever virtual reality experience in Meta Horizon Worlds,” added Nada Stirratt, vice president, global business group at Meta.

“It’s exciting to see such an iconic brand use our platforms to experiment and connect with consumers in new, innovative ways. We can’t wait to see how users everywhere embrace their inner Chester Cheetah this Halloween and beyond.”

Chesterville is just the latest in a series of brand-themed Horizon Worlds locations developed in collaboration with companies. In the past, we’ve covered everything from the Wendyverse and NOPE World to the Stratoverse and NBA Lane.

Horizon Worlds is available for free on Meta Quest 2.

Image Credit: Cheetos

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