Going Beyond Smart Cities

Since urban regions currently hold more than half of the world’s population, it is more important than ever to develop citizen-centred urban settings. Furthermore, it is imperative to cast off […]

AI & Sustainability

AI for Sustainability holds great promise – in its present form, though, it does not always factor in the environmental impact of the development of AI, which must be used in a recursive way to reduce its own effects and the effects of other technologies onto the environment. We will soon see an emergence and new precedents set for the future generation, with sustainability at every corner of artificial intelligence.

Human Rights in the Metaverse

New developments in XR are also making these virtual worlds feel more immersive. As a result, the Metaverse feels more and more like a real place. Unfortunately, it’s not just the surroundings that feel authentic – the experiences are, too. That’s why we need human rights standards to be placed at the centre of developments in XR to ensure that our rights are respected and extended in the metaverse.

Making Choices for the Future of Work

The most crucial facet of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing the technology without turning a blind eye to its consequences. AI is ultimately built by human beings, and humans can […]