Metaverse is not built yet. It’s in the earliest experimentations and development phase. At the same time – it is a reality. A 3D virtual reality made of immersive everyday interactions where everyone will live in the next few years – some say 5 to 10 years before it becomes mainstream. However – there’re always two sides of a coin. We are in the exact time to speculate the worst to prevent and build a better and inclusive environment with diversity, ethics and an equal place for everyone.

How to Use Metaverse for Business Applications

Metaverse is a cutting-edge, blockchain-based platform quickly gaining traction in the business world. It allows businesses to create custom applications that use its powerful features. In this blog post, Aruna Pattam covered what it is metaverse, its history and evolution and how businesses can use Metaverse for their digital transformation journey.

The Cyber Trust Landscape Report 2022

In the context of business enterprises and other organizations, digital trust refers to the level of confidence that consumers enjoy while interacting with them digitally for consuming their various services. The erosion of trust, prompted by apprehension at the way some organizations are using digital technology, could undermine the numerous benefits of digitalization and pose a serious threat to the growth of the digital economy. The Cyber Trust Landscape Report 2022 examines the major factors behind the decline of digital trust and highlights the importance of restoring trust in the digital eco-system.

Forming Trust

If we get the downside risks of AI, algorithmic and autonomous systems mitigated using positive ethical standards, bias removal & empathy; then we can dream about a great future. A future where powerful and transformative innovations powered by Responsible Artificial Intelligence can help tackle big problems in society that are not possible with current technology.
In the third part of Responsible Artificial Intelligence for good of humans & society: A perspective series, provided by Vikas Malhotra and Chris Leong from WOPLLI technologies, you can learn more about what is responsible AI, how do we get there and what are the current gaps and recommendations for future research.

The Rise of Metahuman Artificial Intelligence

What you are about to read might not match your thoughts on artificial intelligence but could change your opinions and perspective.
In the Guest blog by Denis Rothman, you’ll gain valuable insights around the following topics – why the rise of metahuman artificial intelligence is inevitable, the various challenges it faces, the methods that can be used to solve the issues that arise, and what possibilities might exist when AI-driven automation complements human beings.