By Grit Alone Is A Story-Driven VR Horror FPS Coming To Quest

By Grit Alone is a new narrative-driven VR horror shooter, and it’s coming to Quest this year.

Developed by Crooks Peak in collaboration with Meta and the UK Games Fund, By Grit Alone features writing talents like Antony Johnston (Dead Space, Resident Evil Village) and Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who). Described as an “intense” action horror game that plunges you into the depths of space, you’ll encounter derelict starships and ravenous aliens in a fight for survival.

Revealed at the UploadVR Summer Showcase, By Grit Alone offers a sci-fi anthology of narrative tales, and Crooks Peak says you should expect “dark, brutal, and weird tales of cannibalism, cults, sentient biofuel, and more.” Set in the “Bermuda Triangle of space,” you’re armed with an adaptive shotgun as it tasks you with navigating wreckage and rogue AI as you fend off alien swarms.

“Fly between ships, dodge asteroids, and navigate treacherous environments, all while being immersed in the sounds and sights of this cosmic nightmare,” states the studio in a press release.

By Grit Alone reaches the Meta Quest platform this September, and you can pre-order it now with an 11% discount.