Brelyon Unveils Next-Gen Virtual Display At CES 2023

Think of it like a spiritual successor to Nintendo’s Virtual Boy.

Brelyon this week unveiled the Brelyon Fusion, a new 8K OLED virtual monitor, and I have to admit, this thing looks pretty darn cool. The 110-inch screen sits on top of your desk and features a 110-degree field-of-view designed to immerse you in a wide range of content.

The device is just the latest in a series of next-gen immersive displays powered by the company’s Ultra Reality lightfield technologies, which can be used for a variety of use-cases, from gaming and entertainment to training and remote collaboration.

Here’s a list of the specs as provided by Brelyon:

8K pOLED engine

110-inch virtual screen

Synthetic aperture

Active ambient noise surpression

Spatial acoustic field

Lightfield expansion architecture

155-degree field-of-view

“Brelyon Fusion allows the blending of light to scale field-of-view in a new way that achieves multiples of resolution,” said Barmak Heshmat, CEO and founder of Brelyon. “This kind of new lightfield expansion innovation really allows us to think of light as pieces of LEGO blocks that can computationally be built to create a more immersive screen.”

“We see this as a parallel to a headset experience, without people having to put on any headsets,” added Heshmat during an interview with TechCrunch. “Of course, the Enterprise market is one of the early adopters. They are already buying some of our older models,” Heshmat explains. “This will be fantastic for gamers, anyone that uses multimonitor setups or wants to do something with headsets but doesn’t want to stand up and dance all the time. It is a very immersive desktop experience.”

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Image Credit: Brelyon

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