Blade & Sorcery Gets Full Release On Steam Soon, Quest Later This Year

After five years in early access, Blade & Sorcery enters full release next week on PC VR.

Developed by Warpfrog, we previously learned that Blade & Sorcery was nearing full release last October. Originally targeting Q1 2024, the developer announced that Version 1.0 is now arriving on June 17 for PC VR. To reflect this, a price increase will take place on the same day from $20 to $30, giving you a week to buy it before the upcoming increase. Here’s the full release trailer.

With the Quest version, Blade & Sorcery: Nomad will also receive update 1.0 and the same price increase. However, Nomad’s full release date is currently unknown.

“Once PCVR is released and stable, the team can switch to the Nomad update porting process, which will for sure take months as it is a mountain of work. However, take solace in the knowledge that it is our goal to attempt a full port of the PCVR update to Nomad,” states Warpfrog.

Revealed last year, Version 1.0 adds ‘Crystal Hunt,’ a new game mode with progression and lore. Set in the mountains of Eraden, entrances to the long-lost Dalgarian ruins have suddenly appeared. Setting up camp in an abandoned outpost, each outpost is occupied by different factions with their own interests in the ruins, presenting different challenges and difficulty levels. Loot is scaled based on difficulty, letting you buy new weapons and armor, while ‘Crystal Shards’ unlock new skills via a skill tree.

Blade & Sorcery is available now on Steam Early Access, entering full release on June 17.