Beat Saber Rock Mixtape Adds 9-Minute Free Bird With 3,000 Notes

Nirvana, The White Stripes, Kiss, Steppenwolf and more are adding songs to Beat Saber’s library of paid add-on tracks.

The new Rock Mixtape available now collects some incredible tracks to rock out with, including Lynyrd Skynrd’s epic Free Bird at nearly nine minutes long with nearly 3,000 notes to slice on Expert+.

The eight song Rock Mixtape is priced $10.99. Here’s the full tracklist:

Steppenwolf — Born To Be Wild
Survivor — Eye of the Tiger
KISS — I Was Made For Lovin’ You
Lynyrd Skynyrd — Free Bird
The White Stripes — Seven Nation Army
Nirvana— Smells Like Teen Spirit
Guns N’ Roses — Sweet Child O’ Mine
Foo Fighters — The Pretender

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The tracks have been themed to match some of their larger pop culture themes with Seven Nation Army using lighting and color effects similar to its music video while Eye of the Tiger, made famous by the Rocky movies, is designed as more of a fitness level with numerous obstacles. Free Bird, meanwhile, is now officially the longest song ever released in Beat Saber.

The mixtape is available from today on all platforms supported by Beat Saber.