‘Beat Saber’ Adds 80 New One-saber Maps for New Challenges and More Accessibility

Beat Saber has a few maps that let you play with one-handed, but now the studio has released a bunch of new one-saber beatmaps across Normal, Expert, and Expert+ difficulty levels.

The update, which is now available for all supported headsets, includes 87 one-saber maps which are spread across 29 songs from previously released OSTs and paid Music Packs.

Previously, one-handed songs were notability very difficult, however now the included ‘Normal’ difficulty mode should not only help first-time users ease into the new playing style, but also give newcomers who only play one-handed a better starting point.

Here’s the full list of songs, all of which feature three difficulties with one-saber mode. Note: those in bold belong to paid music packs.

Jaroslav Beck – “Into The Dream (feat. Jakub Tirco)” (Original Soundtrack Vol. IV)
Jaroslav Beck – “LUDICROUS+” (Original Soundtrack Vol. IV)
Tanger – “Firestarter” (Original Soundtrack Vol. V)
Jaroslav Beck feat. Meredith Bull – “Magic” (Original Soundtrack Vol. V)
Camellia – “GHOST” (Camellia Music Pack)
Kasai Harcores (DJ Genki, C-Show and Camellia) – “Cycle Hit” (Camellia Music Pack)
RIOT – “Overkill” (Monstercat Vol. 1)
Aero Chord – “Boundless” (Monstercat Vol. 1)
Imagine Dragons – “Whatever It Takes” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)
Panic! At The Disco – “The Greatest Show” (Panic! At The Disco Music Pack)
Slushii – “LUV U NEED U” (Rocket League x Monstercat Music Pack)
Green Day – “Holiday” (Green Day Music Pack)
Kaydence, Timbaland – “Dumb Thingz” (Timbaland Music Pack)
Linkin Park – “What I’ve Done” (Linkin Park Music Pack)
Linkin Park – “Numb” (Linkin Park Music Pack)
BTS – “Dynamite” (TinyTAN | Beat Saber: BTS Music Pack)
BTS – “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” (TinyTAN | Beat Saber: BTS Music Pack)
Maroon 5 – “Sugar” (Interscope Mixtape)
Kendrick Lamar – DNA. (Interscope Mixtape)
Skrillex – “Bangarang (feat. Sirah)” (Skrillex Music Pack)
Skrillex – “First of the Year (Equinox)” (Skrillex Music Pack)
Billie Eilish – “Happier Than Ever” (Billie Eilish Music Pack)
Billie Eilish – “Therefore I Am” (Billie Eilish Music Pack)
Lady Gaga – “Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)” (Lady Gaga Music Pack)
Lady Gaga – “Poker Face” (Lady Gaga Music Pack)
Fall Out Boy – “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” (Fall Out Boy Music Pack)
Fall Out Boy – “I Don’t Care” (Fall Out Boy Music Pack)
deadmau5 – “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)” (Electronic Mixtape)
Madeon – “Icarus” (Electronic Mixtape)