Battle Your Friends In AR Sword Fights With ValoArena

Compete in futuristic duels for a chance at virtual glory.

ValoArena is a unique augmented reality (AR) play space that allows you to interact with a variety of multiplayer games without the need for a headset. Instead of motion controllers, you and up to five other players interact with the virtual world as well as each other using your very own bodies. You’ll jump over obstacles, avoid crumbling floors, and even climb on your friend’s backs.

Earlier this week, Valo Motion announced yet another AR game coming to its immersive indoor arena, Astro Blade, a futuristic multiplayer experience inspired by science fiction classics like Star Wars. Players split into two teams and battle it out using laser swords, shields, and double-sided blades in an effort to extinguish their enemies while racking up points.

“We wanted to create a game that showcases the interaction between players,” said Valo Motion in an official release. “In Astro Blade, the actions of other players directly affect what you as the player should do next. This six-player game is very social, and that’s why we think it’s an excellent addition to ValoArena’s game offering.”

Credit: Valo Motion

“We also wanted to offer all this in a safe and less violent way, which is why we paid special attention to making the game safe for younger players as well,” they added. “We want players to feel like superheroes in a fighting game and be able to come up with their own special moves without limitations.”

Astro Blade is available to play now at locations where Valo Motion products are available. Check out this interactive map to find the closest spot to you.

Feature Image Credit: Valo Motion

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