How Will AI Shape Human Behavior?

AI is bringing out many questions, fears and possibilities. Some are jumping with great enthusiasm about all the potential ways it could augment our humanity without stopping long enough to consider the unintended consequences of whatever app, program or machine they are in the process of developing or creating an algorithm for. Others fear the science fiction stories of robots, with a central brain-computer taking over the world.

Unintended consequences

AI is our brain child, we created it. It is mobile, exploring and expanding. How are we going to guide it? What do we need to teach it? What ethical guidelines are we going to set for it? What limits will keep it, and us safe? Who is part of the village that is going to raise it? Where is the diversity it needs in its learning journey? Etc. Just like Hope remained in Pandora’s box to help humanity, are we going to make sure that hope for humanity prevails through empathy, compassion, responsibility, care, sustainability, boundaries, ethics, accountability, regeneration, and love; or let it escape with its unintended fatal consequences?