A new approach to revising standards in AI

Over the years, human civilization has dreamt about cutting-edge technology that will change the world. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) is a perfect example of this. Now that we have open and transparent access to the latest technology development, over half of the world’s population actively uses their intelligent devices, e.g., smartphones, to take selfies and post them to social media platforms. How innovative, isn’t it? However, this serves to show how non-deterministic technological change is.

Rethinking Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

This year (2021) has been a remarkably productive one in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Several large artificial intelligence projects have received additional funding, and it is expected that […]

Trends, innovations and human impacts on AI

Hottest topics from the community To encourage further development and the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), the European Commission has issued regulations and taken steps to reduce or eliminate risks. […]