New CPD Programme Available - "Artificial Intelligence Essentials"


Elevating Education Through Expert Insights on Artificial Intelligence

In the evolving landscape of education, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the delivery of teaching, a pioneering programme is now available to equip educators and leaders with the foresight and skills necessary for the future. 

“Artificial Intelligence Essentials”, conceived by and a leading FE educator, stands at the convergence of innovation and expertise, offering an unparalleled opportunity for professional development in the education sector.

Why "Artificial Intelligence Essentials"?

Our programme stands apart, not just for its comprehensive content, but for the calibre of its creators. 

Richard Foster-Fletcher and Kurt Hintz combine decades of frontline experience in AI application and education leadership with a visionary approach to teaching and learning. 

This synergy ensures “Artificial Intelligence Essentials” is not merely a course but a transformative experience, aligning education professionals with the forefront of AI innovation.

Programme Overview

Designed for immediacy and impact, “Artificial Intelligence Essentials” addresses the sector’s need for a comprehensive understanding of AI. Through two distinct yet complementary modules, participants are invited to explore AI’s breadth and depth:

  1. AI Essentials for Teachers, Managers, and Support Staff: Unpack AI’s mysteries and discover its pedagogical applications, safeguarding nuances, and ethical considerations. This module empowers staff at all levels with the knowledge to integrate AI tools responsibly and effectively in their daily practices.
  2. AI Essentials for Leaders and Governors: Focused on the strategic implications of AI in education, this session dives deep into the governance of AI tools, ethical leadership, academic integrity, and navigating the legal landscape. Leaders are equipped to steer their institutions through the AI revolution with confidence and foresight.

CPD Training

“Artificial Intelligence Essentials” is more than a programme; it’s a commitment to the future of education. Priced competitively at £600 + VAT per session and designed to accommodate up to 40 participants, it represents a significant investment in the professional growth of your staff and the strategic evolution of your institution.

To schedule a session or to discuss how this essential programme can be tailored to your unique needs, including our comprehensive 20-hour offering for Teaching Improvement and Development Staff, please get in touch via

Our Pedigree:

Leading With Experience

Richard Foster-Fletcher

Executive Chair, (Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence)

Richard is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisor, Author and Speaker and a Top Voice on LinkedIn. Drawing on his experiences of working in blue-chip technology companies, he founded, an organisation dedicated to the responsible implementation of AI. He also hosts the Boundless Podcast.

He speaks about AI inclusivity, digital ethics, and the future of work, delivering lectures at LSE, UCL, Oxford University and Imperial College London and providing evidence for UK Parliament. A graduate of the MIT AI Strategy Course and a published author on the Future of AI, Richard is a member of the UN Resilience Frontiers Advisory Group for Communicating Climate Change and has collaborated with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to support their AI and Digital Transformation journey.

Richard’s extensive leadership experience in technology and innovation spans roles at prestigious organisations like Oracle Corporation, BBC, and currently an Advisory Board Member for the South Central Institute of Technology. 


Managing Director Fortis Education Consulting and Director of FE Innovation at

Kurt is an innovative, strategic leader and operational expert in collaborative education. As Executive Principal, he led the Capital City College Group (CCCG), overseeing nine London sites with over 35,000 students annually and a budget exceeding £120M. Under his leadership, CCCG achieved a remarkable transformation, moving from a “Requires Improvement” to a “Good” Ofsted rating, with recognition for its strong contribution to regional skills.

Kurt helped shape Further Education funding policy in London, advocating for initiatives such as fully funding level 3 qualifications for adults. His strategic vision led to innovations like the Wind Farm Operations Training Centre and new facilities such as the Construction Skills Centre, Fashion Academy and multiple award winning Sports Academies.

Kurt’s commitment to community engagement is exemplified by his establishment of Mayor’s Skills Academies, addressing key skills needs in areas such as Green Skills, Creative Arts, Digital, and Hospitality. His transformative leadership, alongside his focus on evidence-based decision-making and collaboration, continues to drive innovation and excellence in education.


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