Arcade Paradise VR Adds Customization & New Music In First Major Update

Arcade Paradise VR adds player customization and new music in a new update.

Previously launched in April, Arcade Paradise VR just received its first major update for the retro-themed light management sim. Today’s patch lets you personalize your VR avatar with new options like selecting your hand color, palm decorations, nail selections, and more. 11 new tracks are available from the in-game jukebox, while hand washing and other fixes were also included.

Developer Nosebleed Interactive confirmed a second announcement will follow later this month, though the details are currently unknown.

We enjoyed Nosebleed’s management sim in our Arcade Paradise VR hands-on. Though we believed the initial grind may prove off-putting to some, we considered it a “slow burner” that rewards hard work.

After committing numerous hours to upgrading this laundromat, I found an utterly compelling management sim. Arcade Paradise VR excels at rewarding your hard work, giving you enough work where it doesn’t feel like upgrades are handed to you on a platter but not so much that it’s a complete slog. Gradually seeing this arcade grow is immensely satisfying.

Arcade Paradise VR is available now on the Meta Quest platform, and a 20% discount is being offered until June 21.

Arcade Paradise VR Is A Compelling Business Sim That Rewards Hard Work
Arcade Paradise VR is a compelling business sim that rewards hard work, though the initial grind may prove off-putting. Our full impressions.