Arcade Legend Indie Update Brings Pico-8 Retro Cabinets Into VR

Arcade Legend adds Pico-8 retro games into VR with a free update.

Released today on Quest, the Arcade Legend ‘Retro Indie Update’ introduces a new venue that pays homage to a real-world location, ‘Arcade Galactic.’ Working alongside studios who’ve made Pico-8 Fantasy Console games, this adds 18 retro-themed games like ‘Whiplash Taxi Co’ and ‘Birds with Guns’ into VR arcade cabinets with local leaderboards. Here’s an exclusive trailer:

Today’s Arcade Legend patch follows on from August’s axe throwing update, which saw developer LAI Games collaborate with the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) for the first official axe throwing experience on Quest. Featuring five games, that included high-score competitions, a target mode with smaller scoring rings, head-to-head fights in online multiplayer, and more.

Arcade Legend is available now on the Meta Quest platform, while a SteamVR release is “coming soon.”