Apple Vision Pro Is Getting Systemwide Live Captions For People & Apps

visionOS is getting systemwide Live Captions sometime this year.

These captions will work for live conversations via microphone input as well as audio from any app, including on FaceTime calls.

For comparison, Meta’s Quest platform currently offers a Live Captions option in Quest TV and Quest Store videos, but not systemwide.

Apple says Vision Pro will also get “support for additional Made for iPhone hearing devices and cochlear hearing processors” as well as Reduce Transparency, Smart Invert, and Dim Flashing Lights toggles for people with vision impairment or photosensitivity.

Analyzing Apple Vision Pro As An Accessibility Engineer
Here’s a look at Apple Vision Pro from the perspective of an accessibility engineer.

Apple Vision Pro already offers a wide range of accessibility features, including a screen reader, zooming, and color filters for people with color vision deficiency.

For more insight into Vision Pro’s accessibility, read the guest article accessibility engineer Rebecca Rosenberg published on UploadVR in February.