Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR Retells History Through A PSVR 2 Horror Shooter

Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR is a time travel horror shooter coming to PSVR 2 this month.

Joining OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story and the upcoming MADiSON VR for an increasing library of PSVR 2 horror games, Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR presents an alternative history story based on the real-life Apollo 13 mission in 1970. Developed by Reverie Interactive, you’re tasked by the CIA with a secretive time travel mission to reach a Mars military colony in 2170. Discovering they’ve accidentally opened other doors to “horrific dimensions” in the process, these aliens can’t be allowed to reach Earth. Here’s the announcement trailer:

Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR’s premise is reminiscent of Titanic: A Space Between, another time-travel horror adventure that reached Quest in February. Sent back in time onto the Titanic, you’re tasked with traveling through the ship and investigating what happened to a woman named Diana, who’s gotten stuck aboard during its doomed voyage.

For more details, here’s the official story description from the PlayStation Store page.

The rest of the world believes the false narrative… That Apollo 13 was a moon exploration mission with a “technical glitch” involving a faulty oxygen tank, keeping the crew in a fight for their lives while they work to get home. But you are the operative that was chosen for this mission, and you know the truth. We have been on the moon for decades, and the CIA is now ready to carry out its top secret time travel mission, 200 years in the future to the planned military and research outpost on Mars in the year 2170. Should anything go wrong, the public is already prepped for a simple explanation, that you did not come home because of the “technical glitch” during the mission.

Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR reaches PSVR 2 in April 2024.