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Kurt Hintz Joins as Director of FE Innovation appoints Kurt Hintz as new Director of FE Innovation to drive AI integration in further education.

MKAI Releases Report on AI Ethics and Safety Summits

AI leaders unite to chart ethical course for technology and calls for collective action to ensure responsible AI development

AI Ethics Luminary Nick Bostrom to Headline MKAI Global Summit

AI Ethics Takes Center Stage at MKAI Global Summit with Nick Bostrom Keynote

MKAI To Hold Inclusive Global AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit

The Global AI Ethics Summit is on 1 November in Bletchley, UK. It aims to increase diverse inputs and multi-stakeholder voices in discussions about AI risks.

Dr. Monika Manalova Joins MKAI As Scientific Projects Advisor

Dr. Monika Manolova, a trailblazing expert in Geographic Information Systems, data science, and AI, joins as Scientific Projects Advisor