Android Watch App WowMouse Simulates Mouse Input For AR & VR Headsets

Doublepoint is the company behind an impressive WearOS app that attempts to turn any Android watch into a mouse as well as a universal remote for AR and VR headsets.

A quick demo offered by Doublepoint at the Augmented World Expo in Long Beach brought across the concept.


Don Hopper has a Galaxy Watch 4 and easily paired the app with his Meta Quest 3 back at home. He reports the pinch gesture supported by WowMouse worked well as a simulated mouse click across Quest 3, though sensitivity needed adjusting, and selecting objects with a pinch didn’t seem to work well in his testing time.


The demo at AWE showed control of two different lamps and I was asked to stand in a specific spot on the floor, gesturing to each light and taking control of the object with a pinch, then rotating my wrist to adjust brightness.

As Apple finishes visionOS 2, Meta prepares HorizonOS, and Google/Samsung plans Android XR, this concept of wrist-based control of all the devices in your environment will begin making a lot more sense with platform-level support. Owchemy Labs’ Job Simulator, for example, has you sit at a virtual desk and take control of a virtual mouse to work a virtual job. With Job Simulator’s launch on Apple Vision Pro, the game now supports hand tracking for this feature.

When you consider the prospect of haptic feedback at the wrist paired to selections in VR headsets or AR glasses, you can imagine a big future for Doublepoint’s WowMouse concept.