Among Us VR: New Polus Map Coming Soon, PSVR 2 Release Won’t Be Launch Day

Among Us VR is teasing a new map coming soon, based off the Polus map from the flatscreen original. Schell Games also confirmed that Among Us VR won’t be a launch day title for PSVR 2.

In a new teaser trailer (embedded above), Schell Games gave a first quick look at the new Polus map currently in development. Schell says the map is “in sight” for a 2023 release and is opening the name up to community voting. Anyone can vote via this Google form, which gives a choice between Polus Mines, Polus Frontier and Polus Point.

Schell is also working on Patch 4 for Among Us VR, which will include lobby customization features that let players fine tune the specifics of their matches. Some of the options include: enabling/disabling tasks, hands and voice chat; changing the number of imposters, emergency meetings and long tasks; and altering the kill cooldown length. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though – Schell says there should be more than 9 billion customization configurations in total, which can use to create your own special and tailored modes of play.

Schell Games also confirmed that Among Us VR will not be a launch day title for PSVR 2. When Schell Games previously confirmed a PSVR 2 version, it said it would be available ‘when the headset is released.’  UploadVR reached out to Schell Games to confirm more details on the release window for PSVR 2. We will update this post if we receive a response.