Among Us VR Beta Now Open For Sign-Ups

The full release is scheduled for Holiday 2022, but you may be able to play early if you move quickly.

Among Us, the popular social deduction game that took gamers by storm back in 2020, is coming to VR headsets later this year, and based on what we know so far this could be the best iteration of the game yet.

The immersive remake promises new tasks built from the ground up for VR as well as multiple locomotion options and additional social features such as proximity voice chat.

do you own a VR headset?
do you have an internet connection?
do you want to try Among Us VR early?

sign up for Beta Test tasks here and help out the beans!

— Among Us VR (@AmongUsVR) August 3, 2022

Ahead of its release on Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and PC VR headsets, VR developer Schell Games has announced that it will be conducting a ‘Beta Test’ for a select number of lucky players. Those interested can sign up for a spot here, though nothing is guaranteed.

“Do you own a VR headset? Do you have an internet connection? Do you want to try Among Us VR early? Sign up for Beta Test tasks here and help out the beans!” said the company in a tweet.

Among Us VR was first announced in December 2021. For those unfamiliar, the hit multiplayer game has you working with teammates to complete various tasks in order to repair a labyrinth-like spacecraft for travel.

That is unless you’re playing as the Imposter, in which case it’s your job to hinder the group’s efforts by sabotaging equipment and murdering other players from the shadows. If you’re caught, players can call for a vote to eject you from the ship into the vast, cold darkness of space.

Schell Games has confirmed that Among Us VR features a custom gameplay system for VR headsets. This means brand new tasks designed specifically for use with motion controls. As previously mentioned, the game also features proximity voice chat, injecting an additional layer of immersion into the experience.

We recently sat down with Project Director Mike Traficante to learn more about what sets the VR version apart from previous iterations.

“Yeah, I think we have a couple that we’ve made that didn’t exist at all,” said Traficante when asked about new tasks. “One that I really like, we have a retina scan where you sort of lean in and it scans your face. And I love it because it’s very VR, right?”

“This would only make sense in VR. You actually stick your head and the scan line goes across your field of vision. And on top of that, if you look away, the task starts over. So you have to make yourself pretty vulnerable.”

Among Us VR is scheduled to launch ‘Holiday 2022’ on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets via Steam. No word yet on an official price or release date.

Image Credit: Schell Games

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