Alo Moves Is Creating A Mixed Reality Fitness App Exclusive To Quest 3

Alo Moves is building a mixed reality fitness app using volumetric capture for 3D instructors, and it’s coming exclusively to Quest 3 this year.

Developed by Magnopus in partnership with Meta, Alo Moves – a fitness group providing online classes for yoga, meditation and more, announced it’s creating a new mixed reality fitness app. It uses “life-sized, photorealistic” virtual 3D instructors who can also be shrunk down to guide you inside your own home, alongside “environmental portals” with nature-inspired landscapes like a mountain vista and cascading waterfalls.

At launch, Alo Moves on Quest 3 features two modes. Alongside a 2D library of existing classes, the ‘Mixed Reality Movement & Mindfulness Classes’ offer yoga, meditation, and pilates classes lasting between five and 24 minutes. These will be guided by existing Alo Moves instructors – Ashley Galvin, Annie Landa, Biance Wise, Kirat Randhawa, and Susy Markoe Schiefflin, who can be moved around your living space to let you reference poses.

“MR has the potential to break down geographical barriers and inspire a wider audience to prioritize their well-being through movement and mindfulness in a way that cultivates lasting practices,” says Natasha Trindall, Alo Moves’ General Manager in a prepared statement.

Alo Moves joins an increasing list of Quest 3 experiences not on Quest 2, and it’s the first exclusive fitness app we’re currently aware of. The current list is mostly other mixed reality experiences like Laser Dance, Hello, Dot and Starship Home, but it also includes two major upcoming VR games – Batman: Arkham Shadow and Alien: Rogue Incursion.

Alo Moves on Quest 3 will launch “later this year.”

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