Airspace Defender: First Look At Mixed Reality Missile Command Concept

A new game called Airspace Defender reimagines Missile Command as a spatial tabletop game.

The new title made its first appearance in the UploadVR Summer Showcase from studio Not Suspicious. You can see the Airspace Defender concept playing out in the clip we included in the Showcase as incoming missiles are thwarted with retaliatory strikes that are both carefully timed and placed to protect a city.


The developers say that, after years of working on VR projects, mixed reality with hand tracking is likely the future of their work.

“Our testing so far indicates that MR with hand tracking is far more accessible and cheaper to build,” developer Rafael Brochado wrote to UploadVR.

The project is still in early development, however, the developers are looking for community feedback with a Beta program on the Quest store.

Airspace Defender can be played now on Quest headsets via this beta link on the Meta Quest store.