MKAI AI Technical Forum April 2021: Machine Learning Methodologies


  • Thom Ives Ph.D, Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector
  • Greg Coquillo, Amazon Program Manager

Technical Presentation: Business and DS Collaboration for ML Development

Thom Ives is a Data Scientist, PhD multi-physics engineer, and python loving geek living in the United States. To serve his passion to build things, Thom has continually sought, throughout his life, to grow his predictive modelling skills. He hopes to positively impact humanity with his creations, his implementations, and his teachings on the same.

Greg Coquillo is the Head of Global Expansion of Amazon’s Private Brands through Safety and Compliance, he uses technology and works with Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Business Intelligence Engineers to leverage Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to design predictive models that enhance business decision-making and performance to accelerate growth, reduce Time to Market of products, monitor cross-geo compliance and import requirements, and ensure customer safety.


  • Dr Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder at SalesChoice Inc.

Presentation: The AI Dilemma: An Ethical Perspective on AI – Is AI a Perfect World or a Perfect Storm?

Dr. Cindy Gordon is CEO at SalesChoice, an AI SaaS Company specializing in Ending Revenue Uncertainty. She will share in her presentation, her global research highlights over three years which examined the positive and negative risks of AI across diverse industries in her 14th Book Publication, The AI Dilemma.  In particular, she will also share a client case study of a $1B+ company and how they are deploying successfully their AI Enterprise Programs with a strong focus on AI Governance. She will also discuss the digital literacy imperative for advancing board directors and C Suite knowledge of AI terms and mathematical concepts to increase the operational success of Enterprise AI Deployments in achieving the last mile. You can follow Dr. Cindy Gordon on her Forbes AI Thought Leadership Channel.

Machine Learning Methodologies Panel Discussion:

– Ghaith Sankari, DeepLearning Practitioner
– Manpreet Budhraja, Founder at A.I.M Learning
– Ammar Mohanna, Professional PhD candidate at Knowhedge
– Thom Ives Ph.D, Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector
– Greg Coquillo, Amazon Program Manager
–Dr Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder at SalesChoice Inc.

Chat Transcript:

15:57:46 From Ugochukwu Onyeka : This is Home
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16:01:02 From Greg Coquillo : unfortunately yes
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16:01:49 From Ugochukwu Onyeka : So Thom Ives has company in the Grey beard gang 😀
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16:02:51 From Dave Arnold : David Arnold, 15 years Oil & Gas professional and recent Data Scientist graduate from BrainStation:
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16:03:17 From Gerry Copitch : It’s finally arrived! What an honour and privilege. Incredible line up! The living legend that is Thom!
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16:03:56 From Hillary : greetings, from Nairobi,Kenya
16:04:02 From Vibhav Mithal : Greetings from New Delhi, India. If you are interested in interacting with an AI enthusiast, who is also an Intellectual Property rights lawyer, would love to connect. My LinkedIn profile – And of course, if you want to learn more about MKAI. Always there. 🙂
16:04:14 From D B : greetings from Michigan. I’m deaf, but can lipread. nice to meet you!
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16:06:47 From D B : excited for this meeting, happy to connect with y’all.
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16:07:40 From Ammar Mohanna : Thom: Greg:
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16:08:49 From sarabernat : Hi, I am co-founder of Fashion Forward (, happy to connect with all in regards to digital fashion/ fashion & AI
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16:10:23 From Tuna Ozcan
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16:11:06 From Ugochukwu 16:11:10 From Gerry Copitch : Happy to connect with all ‘Family MKAI’ attendees
16:11:12 From Gus Reyes : perfect*
16:11:17 From Andrew S : Greetings from Manitoba, Canada!
16:11:21 From Monika Manolova : +1 on the geek stuff
16:11:32 From Farag, Mohamed Sobhy MA : Nice to e-meet everyone. I’m happy to connect as well!
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16:14:15 From Jerome : It would be great to connect with people who are here today:
16:15:28 From Ghaith Sankari : with WHY WHAT HOW only .. I cannot differentiate from software development process
16:15:30 From D B : at the end of this meeting, will you post the PowerPoint presentation online?
16:16:00 From Nathan Lourdusamy : Happy to spend this time with this team. Will love to stay connected –
16:16:35 From Juan Flor : Hello from Perú
16:16:46 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : If the speakers choose to share their slides with us, we will post it on the event page
16:16:55 From Giovanna Galleno : Perú is rocking today 😀 <3
16:17:00 From D B : thank you ☺️
16:17:23 From Thom Ives : PERU!!!
16:17:23 From Bella’s iPhone : Thank you! Can you please share the link to the event page? Thanks!
16:17:38 From Abhishek kapil : Hii I’m Abhishek kapil happy to connect u –
16:18:09 From Aleksandra Hadzic : Hey Bella, this is the link to the event page: You can find previous talks, as well.
16:19:43 From Bella’s iPhone : Thanks Aleksandra!
16:19:57 From Aleksandra Hadzic : You’re welcome Bella!
16:20:18 From Abhishek kapil :
16:21:33 From Tara McKeown : I’d love to connect guys! Tara McKeown, AI and Law PhD researcher in Liverpool England –
16:23:00 From Shaheer Ahmad Khan : This one statement is such a perspective-changer, Thank you Thom.
16:23:08 From Praveen : Business needs Technology to disrupt and Technology needs Business to find purpose and meaning.
16:24:04 From Abhishek kapil :
16:24:56 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : All talk replays will up first thing tomorrow at
16:25:29 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Follow MKAI on LinkedIn to stay up to date
16:27:02 From Jitendra Shakya : Hi Thom, Great to see you again – couple of questions: 1 – How do handle over fitting problem in real environment? 2 – How often do you train data when in production. 3 – How to be master in all domain? 🙂 because to give solution we must be expert on that field.
16:27:36 From Alexander’s iPhone 12 Pro : Hello everyone from Philadelphia! Happy to connect —
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16:31:19 From Tasfia Khan : Hi everyone from US, would love to connect-
16:31:43 From manpreet budhraja : Hello All. !! I am Manpreet from India working as a Data Engineer at Packt. Besides that I am building a community of professionals who are enthusiastic and passionate for AI. Our aim is to help people network and grow together. If you want to join our slack community please you can fill the form – You can connect with me on LinkedIn –
16:35:37 From KakumanuN : Would love to connect:
16:35:56 From vipin singh : Would love to connect:
16:36:34 From vipin singh :
16:37:14 From Mohd Zuhaib : q- how to analyse model lifecycle and capture performance in real time?
16:37:22 From Gerry Copitch : So insightful Greg and Thom…..but more important still… are such nice guys!!!
16:37:35 From Thom Ives : Gerry – we try
16:37:36 From Shaheer Ahmad Khan : Great talk, Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom with us! would love to connect with everyone here:
16:37:52 From Greg Coquillo : Thank you Gerry!
16:38:30 From Rajat Jaiswal : Haha !
16:38:40 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Jaisal = superstar!!
16:38:56 From Thom Ives : Jaisal!
16:39:08 From Reg Gabriel : MANY thanks Greg, Thom and Jaisal! 🙂 This was really was a insightful session
16:39:41 From yassine : great discussion and explanation how to handle the model in business need. I love to connect with you guys.
16:39:43 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Please join me in thanking Greg and Thom.
16:39:51 From Vibhav Mithal : Absolutely- Jaisal is brilliant! Absolutely wonderful session Greg and Thom!
16:40:04 From Praveen : Really insightful talk. Many Thanks: Thom & Greg
16:40:22 From Ammar Mohanna : Many thanks to Thom and Greg! Amazing mentality and presentation!
16:40:35 From D B : thank you for awesome talk. looking forward to hearing more from you so I hope to connect with you.
16:40:35 From Somenath Chakraborty : how you relate linear data, non linear data, logical data. non-numeric data into a single model?
16:40:40 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thom: Greg:
16:40:44 From Reg Gabriel : Excellent point, Thom
16:40:56 From Mohd Zuhaib : great point!
16:41:07 From Rajat Jaiswal : @greg @thom, Is Model Interpretability always important ? Suppose if one model is giving me more good result than other one but not interpretable. Go for interpretability or Score ?
16:41:07 From Harika : Hello everyone, I am harika Happy to connect on LinkedIn
16:41:18 From Odilia Coi : Awesome presentation, thank you so much!
16:41:34 From Hillary : let’s connect
16:41:36 From Gerry Copitch : How do Thom and Greg keep up to date with stack tech. developments that extend possibilities almost daily?
16:41:54 From Farideh : Hi everyone form Iran, would love to connect.
16:41:54 From Divya Ravindran : boosting, bagging and regularization
16:41:58 From Reg Gabriel : Greg and Thom, will this session be available for reviewing at a later time?
16:42:10 From D B : that’s what I would like to know. I am new to this field so I am a bit overwhelmed but I am for all challenges
16:42:35 From Ghaith Sankari :
16:42:53 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Greg and Thom will answer questions here on the chat so that we keep time
16:42:58 From Bruce Hoffman : Hey Thom, Hey Greg, great stuff excited to see you present on this topic that speaks to me. To all happy to connect:
16:43:01 From Giovanna Galleno : Soft Skills <3
16:43:04 From Reg Gabriel : Well said!!
16:43:43 From Jerome : Q – how do you measure and manage the impact of events, like Covid, that can massively alter your training data?
16:45:40 From Monika Manolova : great analogy with the car
16:46:25 From Monika Manolova : Thank you great talk indeed 🙂
16:46:34 From Andrew : Some great tips and advice there. Thanks both
16:46:38 From Debby Kruzic – Teckedin : Thank you Greg and Thom.
16:46:38 From Giovanna Galleno : Thom & Greg you rocked!!!!
16:46:44 From Jerome : Thank you Both!
16:46:51 From Gus Reyes : Amazing session
16:46:51 From Rajat Jaiswal : Thanks Greg and Thom 😀
16:46:52 From Jitendra Shakya : Great talk thanks Thom and Greg
16:46:53 From Sal Sabil : Thank you Thom and Greg for your amazing insights!
16:46:53 From Stephen : thank you!
16:46:54 From Liam McDermott : Thank you gentlemen!
16:46:55 From Tara McKeown : Thanks for the enlightening presentation Thom and Greg! 🙂
16:46:55 From Dmitry Rybin : Thanks!
16:46:56 From Henry Kafeman : Great double-act!
16:46:58 From Amin Khan : I am a fresh graduate coming out of University, I just wanted to ask for any advice with regards in getting into Data Science?
16:46:59 From Tanish : Thank you both!
16:47:04 From yassine : thanks Greg and Thom great presentation
16:47:04 From Jaisal Surana : Amazing talk and learnt so many keypoints.
16:47:04 From Harold Huggins : Thanks, everyone
16:47:05 From manda : Great talk. Thank you both!
16:47:06 From Gus Reyes : Thanks Thom and Greg
16:47:14 From Greg Coquillo : Thanks everyone!
16:47:14 From Aleksandra Hadzic : Thank you, that was so insightful!
16:47:25 From Fionn Graf : Thanks a lot Greg and Thom
16:47:31 From Chris W : Fascinating talk!
16:47:33 From Shubha Augustine : Thank you Tom and Greg!
16:48:12 From Pratap Nair : Great talk, Thom and Greg! Resonates with our experience.
16:48:14 From Thom Ives : Thanks everyone! Please connect with me or follow me on LinkedIn – Greg too! And Ghaith!
16:48:16 From Nathan Lourdusamy : Thanks you Tom and Greg!
16:48:37 From Ugochukwu Onyeka : Thank you Dad and Greg
16:48:38 From vipin singh : Thanks Thom and Greg
16:49:07 From Gerry Copitch : Truly awesome Thom and Greg!
16:51:04 From manda : Certainly appreciate Richard!
16:51:58 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Dr Cindy’s book on
16:52:06 From Tara McKeown : Thanks Richard!!
16:52:54 From Thom Ives : I do remember!
16:53:00 From Thom Ives : Right Cindy!
16:53:18 From Diarmuid Buckley : ‘expert systems’ anyone?
16:56:04 From Thom Ives : Great points – just like startup numbers = AI in industry is like a startup activity.
16:57:14 From Thom Ives : Agreed – frequent conversations!
16:57:26 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thom, Greg, there were a few outstanding questions from your talk if you could type your answer? From Mohd Zuhaib: How to analyse model lifecycle and capture performance in real time? From Somenath Chakraborty: How you relate linear data, non linear data, logical data. non-numeric data into a single model? …I don’t think that we answered these
16:57:55 From Ghaith Sankari : to maintain your communication skills .. connect to @Giovanna Reggina Galleno Malaga
16:58:12 From Giovanna Galleno : You’re awesome Ghaith! 😀
16:58:37 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Agree on Toastmasters. Great place to build speaking confidence And +1 for Giovanna for communication skills
16:58:38 From Thom Ives : Mohd, The real time is defined by the flow of data into our database – with enough data, you can justify renalyses and even automate this.
16:59:29 From Thom Ives : How you relate linear data, non linear data, logical data. non-numeric data into a single model? This gets into feature analysis and feature engineering. They must be related to what you want to predict.
16:59:38 From Giovanna Galleno : Thank you so much @Ghaith and @Richard! 😀
17:02:02 From Elijah : Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya
17:02:27 From Thom Ives : Kenya!
17:02:58 From goswa : Hello from Kenya!
17:03:07 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Kenya is an impressive place for AI innovation!
17:03:42 From KakumanuN : Hello everyone, I am Naveen Happy to connect on LinkedIn
17:07:54 From Natasha Mugwe : My name is Natasha. Glad to see the Kenyan community here
17:10:16 From Jitendra Shakya : Question: For me I can see in future we will use AI extensively what will happen if AI start talking themselves and bypass human (like re-enforcement technique)
17:10:51 From delphine nyaboke : Kenya is the Silicon Savannah now..!!
17:11:32 From Samar RHILANE : Thank you all 😁
17:13:39 From Reg Gabriel : Delphine, I LOVE that designation of Kenya being the Silicon Savannah! There is AMAZING work, initiatives and talent coming out of the country!
17:15:10 From Ammar Mohanna : Hey Liam!
17:15:19 From Ammar Mohanna : Your dog seem interested
17:17:17 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Please join me in thanking Cindy for her talk today
17:17:36 From Ammar Mohanna : Thank you!!
17:17:40 From Tara McKeown : Thanks for that Cindy! Very interesting!
17:17:46 From delphine nyaboke : there goes our lights!!
17:17:46 From Ali : Thank you Cindy!
17:17:48 From Monika Manolova : Strength and Rigor.. for the long game of AI — that’s an amazing quote outtake Thank you Cindy
17:17:48 From Vibhav Mithal : Thank you!
17:17:53 From Philip Ndegwa : That was amazing!
17:17:53 From Jitendra Shakya : Thank you cindy
17:17:54 From Andrew S : 👏👏👏, thanks Cindy!
17:17:58 From Liam McDermott : Thank you Cindy!
17:17:59 From Amin Khan : Thank you Cindy! Greetings from Toronto as well!
17:18:00 From Thom Ives : Great talk Cindy!
17:18:00 From Greg Coquillo : Thank you Cindy!!
17:18:02 From yassine : Thank you Cindy
17:18:08 From Elijah Kalii, Nairobi : That was awesome Cindy. Thank you
17:18:09 From Giovanna Galleno : Thank you for sharing your knowledge @Cindy! Amazing presentation! 😀
17:18:19 From delphine nyaboke : this was incredible, much appreciated Dr Cindy!
17:18:21 From Reg Gabriel : VERY excellent presentation and accomplishments, Cindy! Thank you!
17:18:31 From Tanuj Palaspagar : Thank you Cindy!
17:18:37 From manda : Thank you Cindy. Great talk!
17:18:41 From Richard Balele : Thanks Cindy!
17:18:54 From Natasha Mugwe : Thank you Cindy…. the presentation was great especially in reminding us that we need to grow our skills
17:19:00 From Reg Gabriel : Thank you again, Dr. Gordon. Will look for your books
17:19:04 From Jorge Assis : Thank you Cindy!
17:19:17 From Gerry Copitch : Huge THANKS Cindy!
17:19:40 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Join the MKAI Conversation at: WhatsApp: Telegram:
17:19:49 From Gus Reyes : Amazing session
17:19:53 From Gus Reyes : Thanks
17:20:23 From Odilia Coi : Congratulations for all your brilliant achievements and this very insightful talk!!
17:21:11 From Jaisal Surana : Thanks so much Cindy great talk and insights.
17:21:11 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : We all have Indian in our heart 🙂
17:21:21 From Giovanna Galleno : India <3
17:21:21 From Thom Ives : India!
17:21:34 From Ammar Mohanna : India!!
17:21:35 From Thom Ives : India <3 <3 <3
17:21:41 From Rajat Jaiswal : India <3
17:21:44 From Cindy Gordon : Thank you all for the comments. Appreciated.
17:21:48 From delphine nyaboke : Go India!!
17:21:52 From Debby Kruzic – Teckedin : Is there a link for Vibhav site?
17:22:06 From Odilia Coi : Thank you Vibhav!
17:22:13 From Cindy Gordon : My email is and do connect with me on linked in – community is special.
17:22:15 From Andrew : Cindy – Loved this presentation. So many great points. My favourite point was AI is a long game, as it shows you think about AI together with the data strategy. Likewise loved the comment about AI project seeding.
17:23:34 From Giovanna Galleno : @Ghaith is mega super AWESOME!
17:23:51 From Cindy Gordon : Thanks Andrew – Data is a strategic asset. However Board Directors and CEOs need more education into the details and appreciate how complicated this journey really can be – but their board directors must hold them accountable and data is a DUTY OF CARE…
17:24:16 From Vibhav Mithal : Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your wishes. The details for ForHumanity is here – If you are interested in joining our initiative – please register here – Also if you have more questions – please connect with me on LinkedIn –
17:24:44 From Thom Ives : Learning is breathing!
17:25:11 From Debby Kruzic – Teckedin : I really enjoyed the discussion and speakers. I have to sign off. Thank you.
17:25:24 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Thanks Debby, see you soon
17:26:48 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Stay connected with MKAI! Follow MKAI at: – LinkedIn: – Telegram:
17:26:56 From Fionn Graf : LoL this one is close to home😊
17:29:06 From muskan Garg : can I ask one question?
17:30:14 From Vibhav Mithal : Please join in the MKAI AI conversations – at the Telegram link above. We would love to have you on the chat. AI conversations that pushes the dialogue forward on any topic of your choice forward.
17:30:18 From prateek gupta : please share the link for the startup Cindy just shared
17:32:16 From Monika Manolova : same learning by development and breaking things and debugging
17:32:20 From Cindy Gordon : (Stealth mode) won’t find much on us
17:33:09 From muskan Garg : if we talk about NLP, the feature extraction and selection seems to be weakening and BERT n other deep learning techniques are coming up for NLP. So does that mean feature extraction for textual information is limiting factor?
17:33:24 From Jorge Assis : Great advises. Make me feel more comfortable with my Phd dilemma!
17:33:33 From Nyrika B R : You all can drop your questions here for the panel members
17:33:42 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Next MKAI events: – 22nd April Community Forum AI Leaders – – 29th April AI Inclusive Forum on ‘The Business Rationale for Ethical AI’ – – 13th May AI Technical Forum –
17:33:51 From Cindy Gordon : Methodologies are good in ML OPs SW platform … ie: Amazon Sage Maker, Microsoft Azure… there is lifecycle model in infrastructure –
17:34:42 From Cindy Gordon : Open AI (great researchers know where the good stuff is)… know your use case, who knows about it, evolve from there
17:34:57 From Fionn Graf : Where is the best place to start Learning more about AI from the position of a upcoming developer?
17:35:22 From muskan Garg : because one size doesn’t fits all
17:35:34 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Denis is amazing
17:35:55 From Cindy Gordon : AI is iterative in testing … one also produces XY result — goal is getting better predictive outcomes… different methods derive different outcomes…
17:36:08 From Gerry Copitch : …..His new book on Transformers is excellent
17:36:36 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Denis is scheduled to be back on my podcast in a few weeks.
17:36:55 From Thom Ives : Nice RIchard!
17:37:00 From Odilia Coi : Fantastic!
17:37:02 From Gerry Copitch : Wonderful news!!!
17:37:03 From Giovanna Galleno : @Denis Rothman book
17:37:48 From Vibhav Mithal : Hope the MKAI Telegram group is of interest to you, and hope you are joining us there. For those interested in #TeamIndia and ForHumanity – I will be re-sharing the details on LinkedIn once again in a fresh post after this forum. So if you missed it, you can check on LinkedIn. My profile here once again here – Also, please do look at the great MKAI events above. Each of these takes the dialogue forward. April 29th – will be a great session as well. See you there!!
17:38:29 From Ammar Mohanna : Would love to connect:
17:40:49 From Cindy Gordon : There is a movement in the industry called the big 8 ML Life cycle…. — ….
17:41:05 From Gus Reyes : Spot on
17:41:12 From Cindy Gordon : Data assembly … Data engineering … etc
17:42:02 From Gerry Copitch : ‘The new customer is the data and we have to learn to speak its language’…. Thom you are a genius!!!
17:42:27 From Thom Ives : Ghaith is a genius!
17:42:43 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Where is the best place to start learning about AI from the position of an upcoming developer?
17:43:23 From delphine nyaboke : skilled in Go language too?
17:43:39 From Elijah Kalii, Nairobi : How easy is it to pivot your career from Accounting and finance into AI
17:43:48 From Amin Khan : How do you go about searching for volunteer opportunities with companies?
17:43:51 From Fionn Graf : I have not yet finished my degree. But I do know Python and some C
17:44:06 From delphine nyaboke : @Fiona, cool.
17:44:24 From Gus Reyes : Well said Dad
17:45:10 From Mahesh : well said
sharpen your basics
17:45:47 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : So many IntegratedMLAI family members here today. So, so, so nice to see you all. MKAI is your cousin!
17:46:26 From Jorge Assis : As someone told me, just jump in the AI pool and swim. You will find your way!
17:46:33 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Follow Manpreet for her content and events
17:47:08 From manpreet budhraja : Thanks Richard
17:47:23 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : 13 mins to go, get your questions in now to give us the best chance of answering 🙂
17:47:25 From Fionn Graf : @Jorge I like that 🙂
17:47:38 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : We always start and finish on time 🙂
17:47:41 From muskan Garg : what is the scope of Machine learning when deep learning has penetrated so much into the market?
17:47:54 From Thom Ives : It’s nice to get some high level swimming advice though.
17:48:24 From Fionn Graf : Definitely
17:48:30 From Thom Ives : “We should start at the beginning. It’
17:48:35 From Tara McKeown : Is there one single source of truth for Machine Learning algorithms to use when modeling?
17:48:37 From Thom Ives : s a very good place to start!
17:48:57 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Cowboy or cowgirl….love it 🙂
17:49:33 From Cindy Gordon : jump on the horse – Yahoo 🙂
17:49:43 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Data Reply UK has some paid intern opportunities if you are in the UK. DM me if you meet the criteria and you’re interested.
17:50:04 From Gerry Copitch : LOL ….. too many cowboys in ‘AI’ aready
17:50:09 From manpreet budhraja : network-communicate – be aware – well research help you in Job
17:50:22 From Andrew S : What is this hackathon called?
17:50:31 From Thom Ives : What Manpreet said!
17:51:03 From Cindy Gordon : Good advise on getting involved to learn and meet people… join all the job search engines — indeed, etc….
17:51:07 From John Oxley : For Ammar if he hasn’t seen this: Interpretation: there’s no single best algorithm for every data set.
17:51:46 From Rajat Jaiswal : Deep Learning models are not much interpretable.
17:52:05 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : I’ll save the chat and post onto the archive page:
17:52:43 From Giovanna Galleno : @Delphine you are with the next generation of the Data Science team! <3
17:52:49 From Thom Ives : What Manpreet is saying.
17:53:15 From delphine nyaboke : @Giovanna, we have to get them small, don’t we?
17:53:15 From muskan Garg : actually it depends upon data. but in NLP, features extraction is too weak. isn’t it?
17:53:20 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : We have a lot of lawyers in MKAI!
17:53:42 From Giovanna Galleno : Sure! <3 I love that statement @Delphine!
17:53:43 From muskan Garg : thank you. I ll check it
17:54:05 From Thom Ives : You are the future Delphine!
17:54:13 From seyma tas : Some companies don’t use deep learning because they can’t explain the results.
17:54:36 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Delphine is awesome
17:54:53 From delphine nyaboke : I take a bow!!
17:55:15 From goswa : What is your opinion concerning Tesla Electric cars autopilot mode? despite having some accidents, do you think we need a different approach or more data to improve the performance?
17:55:22 From Naveen M : Could you please suggest if I could use python Machine learning and train the model and integrate with C# language. ( I tried looking for answer but I am not understand the workflow, how it happens ).
17:55:41 From Harold Huggins : Thom, why do you use MS SQL vs. Panda to train your Python dataset?
17:56:45 From Thom Ives : Harold, That’s where my data resides – the world uses SQL!
17:56:48 From Henry Kafeman : Tara et alTools like MathWorks Matlab allow you to run multiple different AI ML, NN, etc. algorithms on a Dataset with no coding to investigate which work and how well.
17:57:05 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : 𝗔𝗹𝗹 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗞𝗔𝗜 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗴𝗮𝗶𝗻 Join and contribute to the MKAI Conversation at: – WhatsApp: – Telegram: Follow MKAI for info and updates at: – LinkedIn: – Telegram: Register for the next MKAI events at: – 22nd April Community Forum AI Leaders – – 29th April AI Inclusive Forum on ‘The Business Rationale for Ethical AI’ – – 13th May AI Technical Forum –
17:57:21 From Mohd Zuhaib : great little hack thanks N
17:57:22 From Thom Ives : It’s not that I wouldn’t use Pandas, but that’s not always the best way.
17:57:32 From muskan Garg : great advice
17:57:50 From Harold Huggins : Thom, Your dataset is hosted on MS Azure?
17:57:58 From Tara McKeown : Thanks for that Thom and Cindy, I have connected on LinkedIn 🙂 This was really useful!
17:58:22 From Thom Ives : For my professional work, I use SQL. For Kaggle, I use Pandas.
17:58:36 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : “The future of autonomous cars is ‘how’ not ‘when’ ” Albert Lam (coming out on my podcast tomorrow) ex Apple, Jaguar, Lotus
17:58:43 From Harold Huggins : Thanks, Thom
17:58:53 From muskan Garg : excellent
17:58:58 From goswa : Thank you so much Ghaith.
17:59:04 From suneetha gopavaram : Thank you all for the Event!
17:59:06 From Odilia Coi : Thank you so much!
17:59:11 From yassine : thank you
17:59:14 From Stephen : thank you!
17:59:20 From Tanuj Palaspagar : Thank you so much!
17:59:22 From Monika Manolova : Thank you for the moderation Ny Great work team AI amazing speakers a joy to be here again
17:59:22 From Vibhav Mithal : Thank you so much!!!
17:59:29 From Jorge Assis : Thank you all!
17:59:29 From Giovanna Galleno : thank you MKAI! 😀 AMAZING EVENT!
17:59:32 From Diego Cammarano : Thank you everyone, have a nice evening!
17:59:35 From Vibhav Mithal : Wonderful panel session!
17:59:35 From Liam McDermott : Thank you everyone!
17:59:37 From Cindy Gordon : A pleasure to be with you all. Stay safe and well. Keep learning and collaborating.
17:59:40 From satvik saxena : Thank you so much !! very Informative session.
17:59:42 From Hildah : Thank you all. Very insightful!
17:59:42 From A R : thank you all
17:59:45 From Fionn Graf : Thanks a lot to the panel
17:59:47 From Olga : Than you everyone !
17:59:53 From delphine nyaboke : amazing session today…thanks everyone!!
17:59:57 From Gerry Copitch : Richard…..what an event….you did it again!!!
18:00:00 From Reg Gabriel : BRILLIANT. Thank ALL of you (and especially you, Richard!)
18:00:07 From Tara McKeown : Thank you all, this was fantastic!!
18:00:11 From Tanish : Thank you everyone
18:00:14 From Jaisal Surana : Thanks to the panel. Great interactive session.
18:00:18 From Greg Coquillo : Thanks for this honor!
18:00:31 From muskan Garg : I so admire Thom Ives
18:00:35 From Jaisal Surana : This session was wonderful, Thanks to all speakers.
18:00:36 From prateek gupta : thank you it was wonderful!
18:00:47 From yassine : Thank you for this presentation
18:00:52 From manda : Great session! Thank you all!
18:00:55 From Jerome : thanks
18:00:55 From Monika Manolova : Brilliant MKAI see you in group A great evening
18:00:56 From Tuna Ozcan : thank you
18:00:57 From Cindy Gordon : Yes Brilliant. Thank you to all who did this for the community
18:00:59 From Richard Balele : Thanks The Panelist!
18:01:03 From John Oxley : Thanks to all, much appreciated.
18:01:07 From Thom Ives : Thanks everyone!
18:01:15 From abbu : Thanks
18:01:30 From Michael Cauchi : Nomicrophone. Thank you!
18:01:33 From Aleksandra Hadzic : Thanks everyone, bye!
18:01:44 From Punit Dahiya : Thank you! Happy to connect —
18:01:48 From h.ayden : Thank you all for a great session !
18:01:50 From Rinat Sadyk : Thanks a lot! )
18:02:32 From Rinat Sadyk : Greeting from Turkey!
18:03:38 From Rajat Jaiswal : Glad to connect:
18:04:02 From Jaisal Surana : thanks Everyone. Amazing evening.
18:04:50 From Richard Foster-Fletcher : Network science is an academic field which studies complex networks such as telecommunication networks, computer networks, biological networks, cognitive and semantic networks, and social networks, considering distinct elements or actors represented by nodes and the connections between the elements or actors as links.
18:05:26 From Mohd Zuhaib : damn!
18:06:28 From Mohd Zuhaib : when people say data science can be applied to various domains. network science looks intimidating
18:06:59 From Mohd Zuhaib : super man- tom ives
18:07:01 From Tanuj Palaspagar : Oh my God! He lives 25 hours a day 😛
Impromptu. But thought would offer.
18:09:06 From Hillary : yes come to kenya