AI Ethics Leaders Forum


Fostering Dialogue and Action in Corporate AI Ethics

The AI Ethics Leaders Forum is a pioneering initiative designed to bring together key corporate stakeholders in the UK for meaningful dialogue and collaborative action on AI ethics, safety, transparency, and accountability. This forum aims to bridge the gap in current conversations, providing a platform for peer-to-peer engagement among leaders from various industries, with a focus on both regulated and unregulated sectors.

Aims and Purpose:

  • Facilitate In-Depth Dialogue: Create an environment where corporate leaders can discuss AI ethics and safety issues in a confidential and respectful setting.

  • Share Best Practices: Encourage the exchange of insights and strategies for implementing ethical AI practices.

  • Develop Actionable Strategies: Translate discussions into practical, actionable steps for corporations to adopt.

  • Promote AI Literacy: Enhance understanding of AI ethics among corporate leaders, emphasising its importance in maintaining trust and reputation.

  • Foster Collaboration: Encourage public-private partnerships and cross-industry collaboration to advance ethical AI practices.


  • Regular Meetings: Host periodic meetings to discuss evolving AI ethics topics, challenges, and solutions.
  • Expert Insights: Bring in AI ethics experts, including those from consulting firms and financial institutions, to provide guidance and lead discussions.
  • Case Studies and Use Cases: Share real-world examples to illustrate practical applications of ethical AI.
  • Confidentiality and IP Respect: Ensure a safe space for open dialogue while 


  • Access to a network of peers facing similar AI ethics challenges.
  • Opportunity to shape industry standards and practices in AI ethics.
  • Enhanced reputation as a leader in ethical AI practices.
  • Practical knowledge and tools to implement ethical AI strategies.

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